The Mage's Hydra

So, I had an idea for a mage. Aaaaand I had an idea for a hydra. I built part of the mage, and then I built part of the hydra. I wasn’t too fond of them.
Then I was like, “What if I smash the two together?” So I did. Then I found the pieces that went flying, cleaned the rest up, and started building.

Hydra was originally a good mage. Then something dark and edgy happened, and turned him edgy. Now he’s… edgy.

However edgy he may be, he posesses alot of power. He holds the power of transformation.

Able to transform any object into another, or transform himself.


Aaaand BOOM! He’s a hydra. Didn’t see that one… coming… right?

Yeh the middle head’s mouth can open.

Yeh that head’s a working zamor sphere launcha

Yeh he don’t got a tail for some reason

And finally, yeh the middle hydra head’s eye matches the normal head’s eye **^**v

So whaddaya think? This wasn’t meant to be a huge project, I just wanted to make something original. Something weird. Something that looks a little like Toy Story’s Zurg. Just a little.


I love the humanoid form, but the hydra looks somewhat like an afterthought in how little it is filled out.


I completely agree. I am working on it, and I could categorize this as a WIP, but I don’t intend to post any things I do to it, unless I really like the changes.

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How is that green bohrok eye attached to the Shelek?

I really like the center face of the Hydra, it could use a tail though.

The humanoid form is awesome though.

Magic. He’s a mage. C’mon man. (I cut the mask. I have 5 of em.)

Yeah, but it wouldn’t really fit under the cape.[quote=“SpookekoaOfJungle, post:5, topic:29479”]
The humanoid form is awesome though.


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That transformation is sooooooo cool! lovei t!

The humanoid form is awesome, but the other could use a little work.



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most interesting indeed… I give you some applause

both forms look good but the edge is a amazing



Pretty cool, you hid the transformative feature really well, and I like the continuity with the eye. I do prefer the mage form over the hydra form, though.