The Magna Raptor

“Yeah, I remember ‘er. The whole village always welcomed that friendly ol’ Raptor. She used to wander around the Bara Magna dunes for years in search of her ol’ partner… her rider, who raised her from the egg. They migrated from Bota Magna, if I remember correctly. She even carried his worn out saddle around her, or at least what was left of it. That cheeky little gal loved to visit this very stall when she was in town hungry or tired."

"Whenever she rested somewhere in the dunes, travelers said they saw her piling up some rocks to sleep on, with the nearby fireflies lightin’ up her way. Anybody that ran into ‘er helped out in some way like leaving her some food and leaves for cover. Ask anyone; they’d say how she was a respectful and kind young creature, so it was only right. They said you could hear the poor thing wailin’ in the night, callin’ out for her rider; her cries fadin’ in and out with the desert winds in hopes he’d come back to her… "

“… if only that sick, twisted ‘Po-Matoran’ hadn’t found ‘er first. That fella just came to town one day, and we didn’t see her for five whole years. Yet, after all that time, you bet we recognized her when she came back, even with that new body of hers. We’ll always be haunted by how those light-footed taps in the sand turned into slow, heavy stomps. How those cries in the night turned into grinding gears and grumbling growls. How the silence she left was deafening to the townsfolk. That monster… it hurt to hide the truth behind her ol’ rider, but it broke our hearts to see her weaponized and violated like that.”

"With that one sharp glowing eye of hers, I hear she’s set ‘er sights on new prey nowadays– so you best be on your cautious way now, Toa, because that… thing… ain’t our sweet neighborhood girl anymore, and she ain’t done hunting. At least they let her keep the tail, y’know?”

Howdy! This is my entry for DuckBricks’ Bota Magna Wildlife: Biomechanical Dinosaurs Fanon Contest coming later this year, and the coolest Rahi build I’ve ever completed-- the Magna Raptor!

I truly hope her short backstory broke you in any way :relieved:

Why no arms? When was the last time you saw a Raptor in pop culture use them effectively? She’ll be fine without them; she’s got bigger ones now anyway.

Main colors and textures recycled from Marendar inspired by Portal and Neo-Shifters. Overall model heavily inspired by the WowWee Roboraptor Toy

and the Tyranno Zord from Power Rangers Dino Thunder(Abaranger Sentai), hence the drill tail.

Abilities include adaptation to environment and terrain, and a huge appetite. Naturally, I should show her in reskins to present that ability:

and of course, the homage to the build’s inspiration:

I love her so much.

Magna Raptor (Turnaround)

Required Profiles and IO File

Biopack Link
The Pack Formerly Known as The - Google Drive

IO file

Cheers, gathered friends :heart: Hope you like my Raptor baby!


dang this is cool - and a tragic backstory for marendar
aaarrgg i love it!


Woah this thing looks epic! The build and backstory are really cool!

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Backstory 3sad5me i cried my eyes out
i love that head design!


Always cool to see dinosaur-like mocs, and this one looks great.

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Holy cow, I remember seeing Neo-Shifters commercials on Cartoon Network back in the day! Excellent work!

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I still have my roboraptor, and it still works! That only makes your magna raptor even better!


Yeah, nice stuff as always, bro! I like your explanation for why she doesn’t have arms. I was a bit confused at first, but it makes perfect sense now that you mention how tiny they are.

To cover any loss she might have without arms, she has a drill-tail, much cooler, I think.

Another cool detail is that you use CCBS plates a lot on her. This evokes her being more organic, which works well. It also is more convenient for anyone building this irl, since all it takes to activate her color change ability is to just replace a bunch of CCBS plates, about as convenient as you can get.

Overall, a fun, imaginative organic creature that really makes Bota Magna feel alien from the MU and Bara Magna.


Really cool rahi build!

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Now I know how Hahli feels when she saw that Toa Terrain Crawler being modified. Awesome build thou.


What Ravi was that made from?

Man I remember having one of those white T-Rexes when I was a kid.

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The lack of arms is disconcerting

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