The Makuta

My own iteration of the original big bad of BIONICLE.

Makuta here's been in the works for a while. He's gone through a good number of changes but I've deicided to give it a rest for a bit and enter it in the BFTGM contest before it was too late. =P

I really wanted to capture the old look of Makuta from 2003 while adding a larger, more modernized, and more personalized touch to it. I've been meaning to post it for a while, but I keep forgetting.

I've also been meaning to post a bit more in this section of the message boards in general, but I also keep on forgetting. Sorry guys. Busy life. Finals week coming. Etc.

Here's a gallery link.

These pics were kind of rushed.



Geez oh heez. Them legs, they're beautiful.


Hnnnnggggg, I approve


That is so good. So much detail!

That's great! The only problem is the hands, but that's not much.

Honestly, with the rest of the MOC as it is, the lower arms seem very meh. I mean, they're Inika legs with Piraka feet. =/

Otherwise, it looks fantastic as all **** and I wish I could have this beauty sitting in my room.

Could possibly use a tiny bit more bulk on the arms, but other than that this kicks the original set's butt from what I can see. Very well done.

Yeaaah, generally I can't really make good custom arms so I kinda copped out here. =/ Oh well lol, thanks for all the feedback guys. Glad you all like it. =D


All that's missing is the wings. Give him wings!

I still am wondering... of all things that you one could make for a cool, original villain, you remake the 2003? I have seen around 4+ of the Makuta remade even though one will be marked for skill and creativity/originality/personality. I am not saying it's bad (the opposite actually), but why enter something already done multiple times for a contest?

For the joy of building something from your childhood to be better than is was before. That's the whole point of revamping itself I think. It doesn't matter if it's for a contest, they will still be judged on creative use of parts and original design. I think that's all that really matters.

impressive is an understatement, this is beautifully done, the only thing I can complain about is the arms, and you've already addressed them, though I have to question the shoulder spikes,

basically this makes me realise how much I need to revamp my own revamp.

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Well to be honest, I was working on it long before the contest even existed. =P I only chose to enter it because I felt like once I had worked on it more and finished it, it would be fit to be entered.

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Dem legs.

Dat body.

The only thing I'm iffy on here are the arms, which look a tad unusual. It's beautiful though =D

That is... beautiful. I love the use of that Piraka red. The CCBS and old BIONICLE systems blend very well.

Amazing job, Venom.

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that is incredible


Good luck with that life thing of yours

But man, this guy is manly

the mankuta
as omega as tahu


This is pretty flipping awesome Ven.


This is


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awesome revamp.