The Malicious Maw

Hey guys! This is an old moc that I finished in a coulple of months, but I took me about 5 years to do. It took that long because I was always updating it. I make the moc, I get a review from my friend, then when I buy a set I get the pieces and I update the moc.

(Here he is with his unfinished sword ;-; I try to keep the arms “classic”, since it is a g1/ccbs build)
I know it’s color scheme is horrible, but I have an explanation. I get lots of pieces, but the colors are very varied, so I don’t get a lot of pieces of the same color :stuck_out_tongue:

(I like to think that he is some kind of a dragon cyborg, cuz… idk it’s pretty cool to me. I also try to give him that meta-knight vibe, by switching between wings and some kind of cape)

(a minigun that I made for him, a mix between the old glatorian marble launcher and the new g2 missile launcher.)

I know that the moc is not very cool in the color scheme, but try to look beyond that. I hope you like it!
And ven, if you are reading this, I love your reviews and you and your team are amazing :smile:



So ignoring the color scheme.

The lower arms need some work, specially since one has a hand and the other has a G1 hand connector, that and using the small bone to extend the limb just looks bad.
the legs should just be re done, the upper legs are too small and don’t fit with the rest of the parts very well.

They’re called a thornaxx launcher and a rapid fire stud shooter btw

If you can’t buy multiple of the same set or something to get consistent colors there this site called BrickLink where vendors can make stores and sell parts, its very helpful for getting many of a specific part.
Welcome to the boards by the way!

Well some of the pieces used only exist for a year, but if your talking about development, I can see why.

The build is a weird glutton design and the mix design of the Protector mask and minigun is very off-putting.

I really like this and can see some great potential (that head design) but I think the MOC is brought down by the torso a bit.

The moc is strange, though I quite like the head design.

I already know about bricklink, but thanks! :slight_smile:


His stumpy little legs. I think CCBS is the new inika build. Mocs too dependent on it never look good, and just end up looking like no effort was put into it. What is the color scheme? Blue white and orange?

This is an alright MoC. I do really like the part that covers up the face though!