The Mask of Battle Fury

Just wanted to show my contribution to the Bionicle Mask Maker Contest here.

The mask was a bit rushed; I finished it in 3 days' time. It won nothing (of course), but I had fun creating it, as it was my first MOC of its kind. Hope you guys like it. :smile:


holy crap dude that's a big mask good job


better than the third place winner.

not sure how that thing placed...


this is one of the only "Masks" that is an actual mask. looks cool

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Oh, believe me, you don't want to know

Great Flaming Eyebrows!
It has great flaming eyebrows.

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Those were kind of the selling point (it didn't sell) for the mask from the get-go though actually getting them on the mask so they would look like they fit was a bit of the challenge. Unfortunately, I didn't have two of the same kind, so symmetry went down the drain :smile: