The Mask of Insect Control: #BionicleMaskMaker Contest

Hello everyone on the Boards!

With the advent of the new Bionicle contest, I decided to go ahead and try to get into it! However, considering I don’t have a Facebook account, it’s not likely I will even be entering.

But I am not deterred from building, so I present to you my pseudo-entry to the Mask Maker Contest, the Mask of Insect Control!

It can be worn and the eye pieces can be moved for better vision!

Wearing the mask grants the user control over insects, including the ability to summon a swarm from anywhere to do anything.

As always,
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Looks pretty good! You said you can remove the eye piece for better vision, but how well can you see out of it with them on?

Thanks! Fairly well, but I just have to look at an odd angle! :stuck_out_tongue:

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This looks amazing! You definitely should submit it! It looks great! :smile:

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This thing is awesome
Hey @SubParFauxPas here’s a design to 3d print

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needs more karate.

Yeah this is definitely a mask of insect control. Nice way to use the large panels too :grinning:

That’s a really good MOC! Using primarily CCBS pieces to make a mask is a challenge, but you succeeded. You should definitely enter it! :smiley:

10/10 :smile:

This is very creative!

I wish thee luck!