The Mask of Lava: #BionicleMaskMaker Contest

Why are people putting #s in their titles?

Anyway, here’s a Mask I made that I am NOT entering in the contest.

I made it to look kinda like a G1 Hau. I also included some CCBS because the rules of the contest said to, even though I’m NOT entering it into the contest.
Also, here’s a pic of it on a Makuta’s face

I decided to call it the mask of Lava. I think I need a few better pictures. I want the best quality, since I’m NOT entering it into the contest.
After I made it, I decided I didn’t like it, though, so I’m NOT entering it into the contest. Absolutely not. Nope.

Okay, okay, I actually am entering it into the contest.


### /s

It’s pretty Cool, but I think the Kakama looks a bit out of place.


Cool, but doesn’t really fit the lava… aesthetic I guess.

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Looks pretty sweet, man :slight_smile:

The contest is a Facebook contest that requires posting the mask on Facebook with the hashtag, hence the # in a lot of people’s titles. Interesting mask, but it leaves a lot exposed and the blue doesn’t fit with the lava theme.

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I think it’s a pretty great MOC! It feels a little open, and doesn’t use as much CCBS as I would’ve liked, and the blue feels a little out of place. Other than that, it looks really good.

Nah man it is obviously the mask of speed with LOTS of tentacles /s