The Mask of Weather-Control (Bionicle Mask Maker challenge entry)

Here is the Mask of Weather-Control, my entry for the Mask Maker challenge on FaceBook.

Here's the full mask.

A look at the side.

Some of the greebling.

The inside.

Nobody inside.


Neet beet, meet.
Give eet an eet outta eet.

I feel that the swords on the bottom hang a bit too low. But other than that its pretty cool!

looks funny

reminds me of a Walrus

I was trying to go for something resembling mutton chops :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like how the trans blue and lime are all mixed around, fits the whole weather theme for some reason IMO.

I really like the shaping but the color scheme is kinda all over the place.

okay, this is cool, I love the way to colors contrast each other

like this?

Thank you.

Initially it was blue on the right side and green on the left, but that felt too ordered to be weather.

Let's hope the judges enjoy that aspect as well :stuck_out_tongue:


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