The Master of History: A Self-MOC

I finally have a Self-MOC!

He’s got a couple of interesting things about him, mainly the build. That torso is completely custom, including the Okoto gearbox frame, just cause I wanted it. His sword can store on his back and it can be drawn when it’s needed.
My main idea was that since he’s the MASTER of HISTORY, I thought, why not use parts fromm every year of BIONICLE? I think I got most of the years down, please tell me of any parts that I need to add from any year.
I know his shoulders are set a little far back, but I don’t care.


A good solid build.

Its a good MOC, the only problem with it is the lack of the lighter green on the mask throughout the rest of the MOC.

Looks pretty good


  • Like the build of the torso
  • Leg build is pretty OK
  • Color Scheme is all sorts of crazy; Needs a bit more Green Lantern green
  • Open balljoints

I would give this MOC a 7/10.
It is pretty solid, but a bit generic in my opinion.

Good Job! :grinning:


What mystical powers does this grant him?

Is it similar to this?

the power of boring dumb people :stuck_out_tongue:
or I should be political correct I gues. the power of boring people who have no interest in the past.


Yes, I know. But the way they’re set up, I can’t really add anything right there. IDK, they don’t really look that bad to me.
Powers, as mentioned by @Rockho Well, my idea was that he could summon the power of any named Kanohi. Examples: Calix, Hau, Volitak. This does not include unnamed masks, like, unfortunately, the previously mentioned Mask of Psychometry.
As for GL green…I added some trans shells on his torso? I don’t have any GL green parts except for the mask, and in the future, I will have more green parts to add to him, but for now, all I can say for now is that I had limited parts and the mask looked cool.


This seems a bit overpowered, here’s why
Pakari Nuva
Kakama Nuva


Right off the bat, I love this guy. But, @Ekorak says I need to be more critical and not give so many 10/10’s, Sooo, I’m going to steal @PluralLego’s review layout that he stole from me. :smile:


  • The shoulder spikes are cool. +5
  • The chest looks fantastic. +6
  • The way you used the different armors together is amazing. +4
  • The shoulder spikes are cool. EDIT: I’m an idiot…
  • He has Vizuna’s mask! +900
  • The sword design is awesome! +5


  • There is only bright green on the mask, but I don’t think it clashes. -0
  • The trans-neon green however, does. -5

That was the only con I could find, and I’ve been looking for almost ten minutes.


Well, mine doesn’t directly say Pro’s and Con’s. Also, mine has a final thoughts area, the score, and a predetermined message at the bottom, So… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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also, named Kanohi seems like a bit of a weird limitation. in universe, every Kanohi is named. How would the characters know which was named in a toyline based on them?

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And that is why yours is weaker. :smile:

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Yeah, now that you mention it, it does seem weird. When I say “named”, I mean ones that have a Kanohi name. Masks like the Mask of Clairvoyance or Growth or Creation aren’t available to me. Addressing the “overpowered” issue: You have a point. I didn’t think about it before, but yeah, it does seem that way. Do you have any thoughts on what “Master of History” means, other than knowing almost the entire BIONICLE story?

I have no clue. However, it can’t mean that he knows which masks have canon Kanohi names and which don’t. To the characters in Bionicle, all masks have Kanohi names.

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The shins need work.

Neat! just get rid of the lime and add more green lantern green!

Looks pretty cool legs might need work

ErKay, I got an update. It’s nothing to get excited about, I just think it’s worth mentioning.

All I really did was I swapped out some black and dark gray on his legs and feet for green.

I’m sure most of you will complain about the Metru Green on his shins and forearms, but I don’t mind. To be honest, it looks better in person than in these pictures. I also swapped a black lower Inika torso piece for a Lime one instead of throwing out the MahriToran blades on his shoulders.

I also realized that I never showed a picture of his back. So, here you go. It’s really hard to see, what with all those dark colors, but all there is to see is the gearbox and Trans-Bright Green shells.

So, what do you think about this minor update? Also, since nobody commented about it before, I’ll say it again. I am trying to use parts from every year of BIONICLE, so If you think I left out something, please tell me!

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I think he looks better, so I guess I’ll raise my score a point.

I would give this MOC an 8/10.
Great Job! :smiley: