The Mata/Nuva masks

“Those guys sure have a lot of masks.”

Behold: the masks of the Toa Mata/Nuva! Except for Pakari08. I have it, just don’t know where it is. Also an extra Hau, Kakama, Akaku, and Miru.

Feel free to discuss the Masks, compare/contrast them, and state your favorites and why.

My favorites:
Kopaka: 2015 version. It has everything great about the 01 version plus a better left eye.
Gali: Mata version. There’s a certain charm to it that the other’s don’t have. The visor also helps.
Pohatu: Uniter version. It really looks like a Mask of Speed, like it’s in the middle of jumping to lightspeed.
Onua: Mistika version. Okay, so I hate the 08 versions of the masks as much as everyone else, and I don’t like this mask as an Onua Mask. However, I do like the mask on its own merit, and wouldn’t have minded if it was, say, a Nuparu Mask. Uniter is a close second.
Lewa: 01 Mask wins just because of the evil look.
Tahu: 01 Mask wins again. Partly because it’s iconic, and partly because all the other masks have something I dislike (02’s veins, 08’s everything, 15’s chin, and 16’s shape)


What the hell is Solek doing in there.


It’s a Noble Akaku, but you probably already knew that.



I didn’t know.



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Well if we’re talkin’ about our favorites here…

Tahu: Uniter is my favorite here. It’s a very large improvement over the 2015 version (especially the chin) but on it’s own it’s good for just how angry it looks.

Kopaka: The 01 versions wins by a very small fraction compared to the second favorite, the 2015 version. I loved the 2015 version but it looked awkward IMO on the right side of the mask.

Gali: 01 wins. The Nuva version is literally a cow, her next nuva form is a waffle, her 2015 mask is good, and her 16 mask feels too bold in some areas, like the chin and visor.

Pohatu: His 2015 version. It’s more angular and feels very aerodynamic, plus it looks really pleasing when looked at from the side.

Onua: I like his 2015 mask. It very much resembles his 01 mask but more curved and with more character.

Lewa: 01 is a winner for sure.

I really like all of the Kanohi for different reasons.

What I dislike is trying to draw the Kanohi Nuva. And trying to remind myself what it is I like about Gali’s G2 masks…And Tahu’s masks in general.

Obviously, as anyone can tell, my favorite mask is the KauKau!

Haha, everyone pretty much can tell I love the Pakari! Don’t know why, though. I’d assume because it’s shape reminds me the most of a real tribal mask, something the Maori or some other tribe would wear, and I think that’s cool. I prefer that look to the more advanced looking masks.


My favorite mask is the Miru.

Wow, as I am looking at the photo, I realise the only one I really like is the 01 Kakama. I always liked it, and I don’t even know why. Otherwise it’s Lhikan’s Hau and 01 Akaku. Also, the next I like is probably 16 Akaku, but that’s just by the looks of it, I don’t actually own it… yet :stuck_out_tongue:
And I hate 02 masks… Am I the only one who thinks they are just… UGLY??

I love the 01 Hau. It’s beautiful and iconic and amazing, absolutely the best mask ever. 01 pakari is my second favorite. I also kinda like the hau nuva, but mostly just the promotional art of it. As far as the others go they’re all kinda Meh IMO, except the 08 hau, that’s a special kind of terrible…

I guess if I were to list my favourites, then.

Tahu: Mistika…it may not look like a Hau, but it does look like a ninja, and that’s cool.
(I just don’t like the normal Hau, it’s too bland for my tastes.)
Kopaka: Noble /s
Gali: I’d say Mata, I don’t like the Nuva masks, I’m indifferent about her Mistika and Master masks, and I dislike her Uniter mask…I’m not sure why.
Pohatu: All, I just like Pohatu in general, don’t pick favourites of favourites.
Onua: All but his Mistika and Nuva masks were pretty cool, so it’s a tough call, but I’d say Uniter, his Mata and Master Pakaris hold very special places in my heart, both being worn by my own SelfMOC at one point or another, but I honestly just find something highly appealing about his 2016 mask.
Lewa: Well, the '01 Miru is my favourite Kanohi to draw in general, but I’ve recently found that I really like its first adaptation as well. Then again, I appreciate the whole retractable visor aesthetic that his Master Mask has. It’s a tough call, but in the end, I’d say the noble.

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You dislike the beard?

seeing all the masks like this is cool

for my favorites it goes

Kopaka: 2015
Gali: 2015
Tahu: 2015
Lewa: 2001
Onua: 2015/2001 tie
Pohatu: 2016

Not gonna lie, I really do.

I mean it looks great but his neck all of a sudden doesn’t exist anymore and I’m left with a bumbling stocky red irishman who can’t turn his neck.

I can understand the lack of a trans Ga mask, but you dont have the orange Ta?? Im sorry, I was just surprised. Cool colection! I like all akakus, and both regular versions of the miru (great+noble)

Here are all of my Toa Mata/Nuva masks and their variants. Out of all of them, the black Hau Nuva is my favorite. Yes, there are six dark orange Kakamas.


It may be simply the nostalgia, but somehow my favorite masks of the Toa Mata are all from G1 '01 (except for Kopaka, where I actually feel like the Akaku Nuva looks better)

But what also was great about '01 and '02 was definately this:

Every mask in every colour! This is so great for MOCing! Sadly I ignored those masks mostly, when you could buy them, so I just got 15 out of sets and 10 from the packs … At least I could acquire some more since then. Infected Hau left out, I have 35 different masks that are related to the Toa Mata and am missing 49, I think … Man, I wish I had them all …
I’m also wondering: How likely was it to get 8 of the 12 gold and silver masks out of 4 packs?

I also have all the Toa Nuva + a black Hau Nuva and a brown Miru Nuva. Oh, and of course the poisoned Hau Nuva. But overall '01 wins and '08 sucks the most.