The Matoran Kingdom

The Matoran Kingdom

Gathered friends, I present to you, my greatest creation yet, The Matoran Kingdom.

“In the time before time, the great spirit, Mata Nui fell from the heavens, carrying we, the ones called Matoran. We were separate and without purpose, so the Great Spirit illuminated us with the three virtues, Unity, Duty and Destiny!” - Vakama

So here is my entry into the Bionicastle contest by TheSecretWalrus, clocking in at a whopping 18182 parts, the Matoran Kingdom stands at 2.12 meters tall (based on being 265.5 studs tall).

Featuring a wide variety of matoran working, protecting and living in this overgrown walking, living titan of a fortress. There are a few differences with this and my submitted version as some pieces were incorrectly coloured as per the contest rules but a majority of the design is the same.

Featuring details such as:

  • Nixie and the great telescope
  • Map of Mata Nui
  • A new, smaller Suva design
  • 4 scorpion crossbow turrets
  • 2 Hip mounted Trebuchets
  • weapons racks in the main keep
  • Articulation in most directions in all joints (even the neck)
  • Full hand and wrist articulation

Here you can see the map, the crystal is floating but possible if you balance the parts on the hook of the telescope.

Here we see Nuparu maintaining one of the Hip mounted trebuchets, they fire a small explosive projectile.

Here’s some detailing on the back, the spine is made out of segments of Mata torsos and arms to represent vertebrae, there’s also a lot of overgrowth here, by the time I got to adding in the leaves, the hinge tool on would crash.

Here we see the interior of the keep and a few of the weapons racks and matoran going about their daily life.


These are from places where I’ve already uploaded.

  • How long did it take to make?
    The contest was over 6 weeks but I had an exam period during it so 2 weeks on and off then 6 days of constant building
  • How long did the renders take?
    Yes it is rendered, the main render (the first 3 images) was the highest possible resolution offers and took me 2 hours to complete, the rest are all 1000x1000 and took betweek 12 and 25 minutes.
  • Is it alive?
    Yes the kingdom is alive, it just has really good shock absorbers
  • Can the mask open up?
    No and I wish I had thought of that
  • Why do the matoran not have masks?
    Due to contest rules, I couldn’t do parts that didn’t exist in colours already made by lego, a limitation of a digital moc, I did originally design this with masks but removed them to adhere to the rules.
  • Can this be built in real life?
    It would most likely cost over $2000 USD and would require significant reinforcement, I doubt the legs could support the late without a metal skeleton.

Thanks for checking out my design, I hope you like it, comments and criticisms are welcome! :smile:

Edit: Full body shot

Mata Nui approves this Build


This is easily one of the biggest (if not the biggest) MOC I have ever seen built in the Bionicle community!
This is 100% guaranteed to get the 1st spot in @TheSecretWalrus’s contest!


If there would be the 10 wonders of the Bionicle MOC world well this is one of them. I expected this to take…At least one year to make but…SIX DAYS? You’re kidding me aren’t you?!

Other than that…what can I say? Well…

Congrats you won


That’s a big guy


That’s impressive man!

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Holy heck. This is stunning! Outstanding work!

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Excuse me as I cough up a lung.


This is pretty great, though I feel like the lower legs especially are pretty plain. Maybe some more moss on them or something?

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This is amazing!

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This is absolutely incredible.

The idea behind this is so unique, and so expertly realized, that it blows my mind. The amount of detail you’ve put into this MOC is absolutely stunning, and it feels like exactly the kind of crazy, out-of-this world idea that BIONICLE would have explored, had it continued, and had there been enough funds capable of making and selling sets like this.

To focus on the individual parts:

The mask/head is easily the best part of this creation. It looks so cool, and the resemblance you were able to give it to the actual Ignika is an accomplishment in itself. The idea of having it open (maybe to reveal some sort of command/control room) is definitely one that I would explore if you ever tinker with this piece again, but even without that, the head is stunning.

The shaping of the torso/keep is beautiful, and I love the aesthetic of the castle shape flowing downwards. Again, the details are superb, and the windows, moss, and banners all contribute to this place really feeling alive, to the point where I can imagine what life must be like for the Matoran living inside this behemoth.

The idea of making the shoulders and hips turrets was inspired, and the callbacks and details you’ve added are great. The suva, telescope, and catapult are not only great references to the BIONICLE lore, but they serve a practical purpose for this creation.

There’s so much more I could potentially say, but I’ll just reiterate how amazing this MOC is. I don’t know if creative writing or storytelling are hobbies of yours, but I for one would be eager to read a BIONICLE fanfiction based on this concept, potentially including other walking kingdoms of this kind, with enemies to fight (heck, I’d love to write a story based on this piece). I would love to see how you, or someone else, would reinterpret the BIONICLE story with this concept, as I think it would be incredibly unique and exciting.

Phenomenal work, @Kardax! You’ve done something great here…


@LegoDavid @runner5050 @Chromeharpoon @TheCobaltCorsair
Thank You!

@Toa_Radrix 6 days of literally just building, so about 12-14 hours a day?

@ProfSrlojohn Please seek medical attention

@TheMOCingbird I decided not to on the basis that as the legs were moving a lot through the walking that any vines would have shaken off, that and the piece count was getting terribly high to the point crashed very frequently, that and I was running out of time.

@Toa_Heatwave I have been considering creating a line of mocs based around this concept, perhaps I’ll title it Bionicle Kingdoms? Thanks for the kind words!


This is a really unique idea, and you pulled it off great. This is amazing.

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That is a great idea! I really look forward to seeing what you come up with if you pursue it!

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Holy heck this is awesome. :o

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Is no one else going to mention how cool those brick-built Mata feet are?

Those are my favorite part.


what kind of ungodly stamina do you posses? this is unbelievable

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This. Is. Epic. Great scale too

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@MakutaTexxidos @Invader_Naj @SonicBionicleMaster Thanks!

@Willess12 You mean this foot?



That’s it. I literally don’t have words for this. It’s breathtaking.

You, sir, have just made yourself the champion of System Bionicle.



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