The Mercenary

Just wanted to use my Huna to be honest…

Oooh filters…

Hope you like it…


I think the inclusion of more metru red would help.

That, and the upper arms are disproportionately thin.


Well, its certainly interesting. A bit odd, but cool.

I don’t know much about anatomy

but I don’t think the arms should be there, I saw many people do that, I never understand why, it looks weird

the moc is cool still, but that part is weird


Neat MOC. Like other people have pointed out, the anatomy is a bit funky.
But hey, I like funky :3 And besides, this is Bionicle after all.

The MOC is pretty good despite the odd proportions, but the biggest problem it has is that it needs more metru red throughout the whole build

I really like it. Again the anatomy could be altered. Usually the disproportion doesn’t bother me but it just seems a bit abrupt. I would say spend some time blending it in. Correct me if I’m wrong, but are the upper legs inspired Nobu Tary? Lastly I wish the legs had a bit more articulation. Other than those critiques, very well built. Keep up the good work.

I love the stance. My only complaint is how little metru red you used

Really Cool!

I really like the stylization!

Very nice. I like the scrap metal style of armor.

I like how it is so spindly in certain areas.

I honestly I like most of everything about this moc up until the shoulders, they’re too low and maybe at least one more axel up should fix it.

It’s cool, but the anatomy is a bit odd.

I find the strange placement of the arms kind of endearing.
I mean, it’s not the weirdest, and to me it doesn’t look the most out there, but it kind of works in the poses given. Plus, the whole spindly look works. It’s like, the shoulders are well armored, but after that it’s all bare-basic metal framework robot arm, which is neat, but then that makes the pistony detail on the legs make less sense.
I do agree with the inclusion of more Metru-red, but how and where is a little tricky.
Perhaps utilizing the torso shell from Pyrox in place of the silver torso shell here would do the trick.
Dig the feet, and of course you can’t go wrong with those new Star Wars shell parts for the shins.

I also kind of wish the Huna had been utilized in a different way. I mean, keep it, sure, but use it as armor, give this guy a little more interest in the upper torso, and give him a different head. Not sure what I’d do, personally, for my own head, but I’m betting someone would think of something.
Maybe with big glowing eyes. Woo.

No, but yeah… I like this Mercenary fellow.

As usual its a fantastic moc, the legs and waist are probably my favorite parts. Though not sure if you were going for a high collar or something with the low shoulders but it looks pretty awkward also more texture on the torso would definitely help maybe some color to replace that silver torso piece. First 2 pictures are definitely my fav. He looks real cool

awesome moc, love the legs most

Looks good, but I personally would put on more metru red.