The meta

Throughout the galaxy freelancer agent Maine has been feared in the hearts of all those who oppose project freelajcer . However his a.I has made him want all the other freelancer a.i’s so he can become a weapon… the freelancers he killed gave him the ability to slow time,crate bubble shields, throw jeeps at grif, and lastly have awesome theme music.

. With 73 pieces and 13 points of articulation.

And lastly so you can compare here’s a picture of the real meta


It’s abit…


The head design is abit lacking, considering it’s only two pieces, and he doesn’t have that much armor over the skeleton. Doesn’t look convincing as the Meta…


The head is 6 pieces

Um well… I can’t really see it well enough to judge it.


Yay Agent Maine! Heads a little odd, but everything else looks decent.

The head design is meh, but the moc is okay

Tbh, I can’t really recognize this as the Meta. Perhaps try a smoother piece?

There’s something awesome to me about a Lego brick as a head :laughing:

I like the idea, but the head just kinda kills it for me. It’s literally a block, and The Meta has a very smooth, domed visor. Color blocking is pretty alright, but the upper arms should technically be white to match The Meta itself.

It is meh, could really be improved and I would like to see the current model with some
More pictures.