The Metal Soldier

Hello there long time no see, am I right ? :smiley:
Now the reason was because of school and all that jazz but now Im back.
Hope you will enjoy my post and your constructive criticism is appreciated.

His backstory is that his an highly trained assassin with an metal arm. When need it he will reshape the history to suffice the government. And when not need it he will be put on ice for the next time the government will need the assassin to reshape things to there liking.

As for the metal arm how he got it, is really simple, he had an accident on a special mission, he succeeded but with the cost of his arm.

Oh yes he has a sword, with fire energy hins the red look on the sword, you what I mean.

Ohh so sweet they are best friend nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Now here is a video which I made for this moc, hopy you will enjoy, and if you want more let me know


So it’s like the Winter Soldier but looks cooler?

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@Xorizeghian I mean if you want to put like that sure, I took inspiration form the winter soldier but its not a copycat, I hope you see it as I see it. But if you dont like it its okay, I will get better in the future on making my mocs look better

My apologies, that was slightly harsh. It has a very similar story, but I see it’s not an exact parallel. It’s an awesome M.O.C!

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Eh… idk… winter soldier looks really sick…

Overall the MOC is pretty simple, but has a nice vibe.


Simple but effective, I like it

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I like it!

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