The Metal Thread

To me, best metal is classic metal. However, one of the best metal performers and my personal favorite was Ronnie James Dio (RIP). All of his works were fantastic. I even preffer Black Sabbath's "Dio Years" to "Ozzy" years. "Holy Diver" and "Rainbow in the Dark" by Dio's own band DIO and "I" by Black Sabbath are a must-listen to every metal fan out there. Though the early metal lacks in speed or agression, it compensates with atmosphere and lyrics.


TBH it took me a while to get used to the vocals (which was one of the main reasons it took me so long to get into metal. For some reason I subconsciously crave good vocals, and can barely stand to listen to songs if they're bad), but eventually, largely through Judas Priest, I got over that, and I must admit I quite enjoy Black Sabbeth myself.

Reviving this topic with myself:

This year has been very fruitful with metal thus far: new Allagaeon, Latitudes and Rammstein albums, to name a few.

I also found out that Belzebubs comic series had a metal album and some music videos released under their name. Additionally, I got introduced to a progressive black metal band called Kaleikr earlier this year through Latitudes. Good stuff.

Have you found any cool new metal releases this year? I’ll probably go through the Latitudes discography again in the next few weeks.


Filthy casual that I am, I have not

But, filthy casual that I am, I do really wanna check out Dream Theater’s new album. I’ll post about it when I get my hands on it (and if I remember I said this lol).

really hyped for legends from beyond the galactic terrorvortex (the third gloryhammer album releasing later this month) and satellites ( the new celldweller allbum coming later this year supposedly)

Oh, yes. There’s new Celldweller and Blue Stahli not remix albums coming out later this year. I don’t really care for Electric Eye or My Disintegration, but A Matter of Time was nice.

I listen to Leo sometimes. I find that metal musicians are very talented, I just don’t care for the style

It’s a lot more alternative metal-influenced than their previous albums, it seems. “Paralyzed” could practically be a Breaking Benjamin song with a guest vocalist.

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It wasn’t too bad, but probably much easier to get through than The Astonishing. I’ll have to hear it again.

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