The minigun you have been wanting from me

Here is that mini gun that some of you wanted on one of my other posts, enjoy…

I would’ve changed the blue and red pins, but that all I had not being used, sorry.


Can a mod move this post to Lego creations for me please?

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Topic Moved to LEGO Creations, per request -Star


Thank you @Starparu.

'Tis nice.


the body of it desperately needs armour.

but the barrels are nice.

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lovely gun!

Can any of your mocs use it? Is it any importance?

Yes other mocs can use it, but their is nothing important about it.

I might be being stupid, but whats the long light grey piece in the barrel?

The cylindrical one before the alternating light and dark gray discs at the muzzle?

Yeah that’s the one…

Sorry to bust your bubble, but that is merely a whole lot of these stacked together.

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Okay, no harm done, I new I was probably asking a stupid question, but now I know, so thank you…

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Pieces how please amasing speech …less