The Minotaur Maze (Game - Sign-Up)

The boat crunches into the sand on the coast. The time had come. We, the sacrifices to the Minotaur, get off the boat, and look at the sun for what might be the last time.

@TBT_Yuedom and I have decided to start a game on here, using a maze built in LDD. We have room for nine people. (8 Tributes, 1 Minotaur.)

There are three kinds of units in the maze:

Monsters: 10 health, controlled by Minotaur. The monsters have the ability to move three spaces a turn, and every three turns they duplicate. Monsters hit for 3 damage. Every monster has blood, which can be used by certain items. When there are three ore fewer monsters on the Minotaur’s turn, three more will generate.

Tributes: 50 health, controlled by one player each. Tributes are the only units able to hold items. There are four kinds of tributes, Red, Yellow, White, and Blue. There is effectiveness with attacks for these, as in red does double damage to yellow, but half to blue, etc. Tributes roll two dice for their move. A tribute wins when it leaves on the prepared exit boat. You can abandon the other tributes if you wish.

Minotaur: 100 health, controlled by the Minotaur player. The Minotaur cannot be hurt by monsters, and can only be hurt by a few items. The Minotaur can only roll one die for it’s turn, but can charge at a tribute 5 spaces away, and always hits for 25 damage. The Minotaur wins when all tributes have been killed.


Basic Items:

Crystal mace: 10 damage. Range: any 1 adjacent or diagonally adjacent space. Deals 1 damage to Minotaur.

Chainsaw: 10 damage. Range: 2 spaces in a straight line.

Dagger: 9 damage. Range: 2 spaces, and 1 space diagonally adjacent.

Sword: 10 damage. Range: The space 2 spaces away, and 1 space diagonally adjacent.

Katanna: 10 damage. Range: Spaces 2 & 3 spaces away.

Torch: 7 Damage. Range: 3 spaces, 2 spaces diagonal.

Magic: 5 damage. Range: Whatever is in a straight line from you.

Chicken: 1 damage. Range: Adjacent spaces. Heals for 10 health.

Cup: 2 damage. Range: Adjacent spaces. Heals with monster blood. Black: 5 Green: 7 Orange: 10 Red: 15 Clear: 25

Premium Weapons: All do 2 damage to the Minotaur.

Axe: 10 damage to all units Except Minotaur in 1 space radius.

Fire Spear: 10 Damage: 4 spaces, 3 diagonal.

Giant Saw: Damage: 10 Range: three spaces, one space diagonal. Upgrades from chainsaw.

Kopesh: Damage: 10 Range: 2 spaces, 1 diagonal. Stun unit for 1 turn. (Minotaur is immune to stun.) Upgrades from dagger.

Scimitar: Damage: 10 Range: 3 spaces, 3 spaces diagonal. Upgrades from Sword

Giant Sword: Damage: 10 Range: 2 space radius. Upgrades from Katanna.

Pyromancer Flare: Damage: 10 Range: 2 spaces, 4 diagonal. Upgrades from Torch.

Arcane Magic: Damage: 7, 10 against monsters. Range: Same as Magic. Upgrades from Magic.

Chalis: Damage: 5 Range: Adjacent Heals with monster blood. Black: 10 Green: 13 Orange: 15 Red: 20 Clear:50 Upgrades from Cup.

Blaster: Deals damage based on monster blood. each shot instantly kills a monster. Black: 5, 1 to Minotaur, and petrifies for 1 turn. (Minotaur not immune.) Green: 7, 1 to Minotaur, lays a goo trap. Clear: 0, 1 to Minotaur, Swap item with targeted player. Orange: 10 Red: 10, hits two other units next to the hit unit.

Minotaur Items:

Light Blade: 5 damage to monsters, 0 to other tributes, 34 to Minotaur.

Minotaur Horn: 10 damage to monsters, 25 to other players, 5 to Minotaur. can be used to unlock the exit door.

Minotaur blade: 10 damage to monsters, 25 to other players, instant kill to the Minotaur. Fusion of Light blade and Minotaur Horn. Fused in the forge in the center of the maze. Can be used to unlock the exit door.

Other things:

Forge: can be used to upgrade an item. Only works 1 time, and for a certain item. Some items when put in the wrong forge will be incinerated.

Minotaur Forge: The only forge that must take two items for one. always gives the Minotaur Blade:

Key Pedistal: When the Minotaur horn or the Minotaur blade is in this, the exit door is open.

Teleport pads: Take you to another part of the maze.

Current players are:






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hey I remember a Lego game based on this

ill join

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Which kind of player would you like to be?

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because you Cant milk those

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I’ll be a blue if that’s ok.

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Minotaurus much?

I’ll sign on, why not. I’ll go with Red.

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@Whaddon @Baldric @Hawkflight You have been added to the list.

I get dibs on blue.


You’re up now.

all blue spots are now taken.


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I’m going with Red.

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#All red spots have been taken.

So what teams can I still sign up with?

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There are no teams, but you can sign up as a yellow or white tribute.

BTW anyone can take out another tribute.

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I think I’ll go white then, if you don’t mind…

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General Update

There is only room for 1 white and 2 yellow tributes left.

#This has been a General Update

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the game is up.

I’ll go white

The first turn is now over, sign ups are now closed.