The Mistle (Motorcycle Moc)

After a pretty long time off the boards I'm back with a vehicle moc and an update to Dagarak
After seeing a review of millenium from throwbots I wanted to make a motorcycle for Dagarak and I thought I should turn Dagarak into a kamen rider

With his odd insect mask he is ready to fight crime

with a Hau nuva attached to it the Mistle is immune to going up ramps, explosions and crashing into the monster of the week
The front of the Mistle coincidently looked like the face of an ant and so did Dagarak's other mask so I guess he's an Ant themed rider

His regular mask is pretty much the same as it was but with two added spikes at the lower part of his mask

His body has more green added to it and his arms are changed up quite a bit
The exposed 2001-2007 hand on his right arm is for a shield attachment which I needed to take apart because I needed its parts for something else
He now uses a simple sword which can be stored on his back

Heres a final image of Normal Dagarak on the Mistle


Nice bike

psstKamen rider fans look at this

Not even Suzuki or Honda. 0/10.

But yeah, this is a pretty legit bike build.


Best christmas MOC I've ever seen. Well done.
In all seriousness, he looks pretty great. I'm not a big fan of his asymmetrical design, though. Aside from that, great MOC. The Bike looks especially good, and i like your use of weapon pieces.

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I'm still trying on making his asymmetry work better, CCBS is great but I find it a little harder to make asymmetry with the limited parts of a certain colour so far, especially the Red and Green they use.
Red isn't as much of a problem as green since the only other CCBS set besides Lewa that has bright green is Green lantern

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In all of seriousness:
The wheels are too small ;n;

Also i just realised that hes head has "mask" on it, and that is not an actual custom head

Another thing, if wheels are here to stay, I would call it an Vespa ;n;

I don't have any bigger wheels, can you recommend a good set for wheels?

I need to make a motorcycle too :o


Hmm, I would say look for old technic racer sets, or Mindstorms 1.0 (well atleast thats from where i got big wheels)

Im not sure but best size would be around 4 wide with big tires which would make them from 6 to 10 wide

Everyone should make Vehicles, TTV kart needs to happen

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what else is there to say besides,

ok seriously though, that looks exactly like a riders bike, you even gave it insect legs.
legit 10/10.

(btw mistle is a super clever name, considering the plantlife on Dagarak.)

I was actually thinking more of

Thanks, I actually started using the christmas idea for the character after my cousin made a joke about his red and green being christmas colours

looks shweet

Well, this is better than anything I could do. So I rate 51651651511/7

That bike is what Ultron should look like...

Is this better?


Much better mate!

Now it looks somewhat like choppa and stuff like that

Yeah, you have done it right

the front wheel looks way too wide now, I don't know what you could use instead, but change it, it looks more like a rider steamroller now.

Kamen Rider don't ride choppers.
sure the wheels were a bit small, but I much prefer the old chasis.

Kiva rode a Harley, IIRC.

that was a harley?
it was used so rarely I didn't notice.

still, my point stands that this looks more like a steamroller than a bike.