The Moc Request Topic

this is the topic where you can request mocs, for example:

Person 1: I need a sword design for my self-moc

Person 2: Do you think this one will work?
[Insert pic of oversized sword here]

Person 1: yeah thanks!

so… that’s pretty much it, there is a similar topic to this one, but it’s not the same.

let me start;

Does anyone have a great design for a sniper rifle for a bionicle?


Real quick was my matoran sword the over side one, and I used to have a good sniper let me see if I can rebuild it.

actually no, I wasnt refering to anyone, it just someone many people like to use on their moc, so I thought of that

Haha nice I got that picture. I just threw it together so do not mind the colors


This topic couldn’t come at a better time…

I need a NEW weapon for my Self-MOC, Kardymis. You haven’t seen him in a while, but he will make a grand return to the boards soon. The weapon can be of any type, ranged or melee, long or short. As long as it matches his theme and colours. PM me with suggestions, or reply on this topic. The person who comes up with the final weapon will be mentioned in the next Kardymis topic.

Below is a picture of the last version of the MOC:


Try modifying my sniper rifle, and please change the colors I used since I threw it together and did not care about its color.

I have one you might like, based on this

to make it, a couple of these

one of this as the handguard

like 6 or 7, attach whatever you want on the underside and put one of these as the blade

and cut this

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Nice reminds me of the eleven swords/ lances from lord of the rings

Isn’t this basically what the How-to moc tutorials is for?
Or what it’s kind of become?

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yeah it’s kind of the same, but that one was never meant to have requests

I’ve been kapura’d

Yes, I believe it is.

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Do you like this crossbow design?

Or maybe a scythe?


yea, i already talked to a mod about this.

apparently, it’s allowed to stay.

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Absolute heresy!


Technically, no, as this is asking for secific designs, and then recieving said design. The How-to Topic is for just showing how to make something.

In practice, I can imagine a bit of overlap, but this place has my support, since it doesn’t ban system.


Not very much time ago, I started to think at some self-mocs from this TTV Crew members:

  1. Varderan
  2. Mesonak
  3. Purple Dragon
  4. Venom
  5. Viper
  6. Eljay
  7. Kahi
    I have some ideeas, but I have no ideea what masks should I use.
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Miru of course


I know this, but for the others?

Just use the masks/heads that ven used.

Var uses a black kakama with a red scar.

Meso uses a Piraka skull with horns.

Prpl uses as Purple Avsa/dragon head.

Ven uses a Metru Blue great ruru.

Phweffie uses a Great Malhiki.

Eljay uses a gold 01 Miru.

And Kahi uses a Callix.