The Monster: Marendex (2015) v1.4.5

Long ago, in the forges of an alien world, a monster was created.
Not a conventional monster, mind you, but one of metal.
Upon the completion of its frame, the power of the Forever-Burning Light, a relic said to give life to anything that it was used on, was encapsulated within it.

Even before it's first breath, the monster was filled with a desire to see the world burn.
It could sense the evil in its purpose (it was created as a weapon of war), and it embraced that evil with all the power it could muster.
The monster turned on the one who crafted it, and swiftly brought an end to the poor being, and his heinous machinations.

The Forever-Burning Light did not give up on its child though, however warped it may be. The Light told the monster to embrace the power in its frame, but to use that power to defy its masters. The monster listened, and accepted the Light's terms.
The monster took for itself a new name, one belonging to one of the great warriors of centuries past, Marendex, the Warrior of Justice.

Marendex (2015) v1.4.5

(Before I say my usual shpiel, I want to ask you opinions on his backstory. Was it good? Was it bad? Does it need a full rewrite? Is it spectacular the way it its? These are the questions that keep me up at night, folks. Now back to your regularly scheduled topic.)

Constructive Criticism, compliments, and advice are, as always, appreciated.



I like the gun head, that should be in the story...

...Being serious though maybe a bit more detail on his powers, like what they are...

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Watch him do crane kick!

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Love his Starscream torso! The spikes flow well with the armor. Never thought black and gunmetal would be a nice colour scheme. Suffers from Tahu shin syndrome though.


Wow, way to rip off that kid on the Kronkiwongi gallery.


I quite like the CCBS usage here. Good work.

If you can, though, update the head to not use blue and red pins. I'm not Eljay, but those are a really big eyesore.