The Monstrosity- Type 001 Protomesh Raptor

Guess what I did in my spare time

A robot modeled after the gekkos from MGS only mutated and given lots of squats

sorry for blur

The moc was mostly tablescraps. Only real weapon other then it's legs are it's 2 cannons under it's 'belly'; a sonic rifle beam, and a regular automated cannon

Not much of a story now. I think it goes like it's one of Derkayes' mechs or something, but it's a prototype that usually acts like a boss to JMP and Vent or other minifigures or something

now here it is in a fight between... Godzilla and Mini-fig Vent...?

critique and comment!


This, I think, says everything I would say...


It's like an AT-ST and Godzilla had a secret love-child...


I like the idea of this MOC, but one thing bothers me...

It's dem legs bruh

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I don't know why but I love it...

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Where're it's really tiny arms frowning =P

Looks good for just being table scraps.

Man, man. Dem mad squats be killin' it.


Neat concept! For a table scrap MOC, I like the look of this guy.

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The top/bottom balance is incredibly skewed, but it's a neat 'scrap.

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I made a tablescrap MOC. It's called Greshbot. If you want to see it, let me know! Cool MOC, by the way!