The most disappointing games of 2014

all those games that you found disappointing
Not bad
just a bit of a disappointment

Personally, Lbp3 was one of these games.


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I got Battle for Mask of Creation (or whatever it's called) few hours before New Year smiley
It disappointed me.

well I guess this is also where I should put this

DESTINY: I was so excited for, when I played the Beta I thought "Okay the gun play seems pretty good, story wise they must just be giving us the bare minimum" they were not it was like half of the "Story". Bungie marketed this huge, massive story that looked amazing, the E3 Demo had more story than this game did, and looked far more interesting. now I could go on a huge rant about the story, and it's really hard for me not to, but I'm going to move onto my next point. D.L.C. Bungie put a knife in all of our backs with this DLC thing, they cut FINISHED content out of the game, to sell it back to us piece by piece, if they get away with that, other games will see this as a way to release crappy games and cut content out, I cannot even begin to express how terrible this would be the gaming industry, I was expecting so much more. Rant over

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I agree with @Nopasino.

Sonic Boom.


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Well, it does seem that 2014 brought a lot of disappointment for gamers. For me personally, there were two games that did not live up to my expectations.

The Elder Scrolls Online - While I love The Elder Scrolls series, I was quite sceptical about this game. I eventually started to become interested in though, and I found myself pre-ordering the game literally at the last minute. It looked like it could be a great mix between an Elder Scrolls game and an MMO game, but sadly that wasn't the case. It's pretty much your regular MMO (although the class system is a lot more open and the combat is more fun than in say WoW), which I honestly could live with. But the amount of glitches at launch and the mostly mediocre quests and bland characters finally made me to cancel my subscribtion.

Destiny - I was expecting a great game, and while the final game certainly was enjoyable, it clearly wasn't what I had expected. While the gameplay is great and the PvP a lot of fun, I was mostly disappointed with the very boring story that made no effort whatsoever to explain things or even make me feel engaged in it at all.


Also, once you complete a dungeon, you can't enter it again to help out a friend or something.

Wait, what? Never heard of that before, but it sounds incredibly stupid.

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Hello Watch_Dogs.

I enjoyed it, but the hype was so big and it was just disappointing.
Not to mention exploiters on Multiplayer .-.

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I remember so many people were so hyped for the release of Titanfall (remember that game?) but then it all just disappeared. From what I hear the game was alright (I only played it once at a friends house) but it's disappointing that a game with so much hype ended up going nowhere.


my description is "It's like candy, too much of it is bad for you, but great in small dosses"

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Mine are Assassin's Creed Unity and Assassin's Creed Rogue.
And The Order 1886.