The most important cargo in Metru Nui

In the 2004 Bionicle comics, the Toa try to hide from the Vahki by stowing away on an airship. Unfortunately for them, a group of Nuurakh are already there, ready to attack. Matau wasn’t expecting this, which means that the Vahki don’t normally guard airship cargo holds. During the fight with the Vahki and then Nidhiki and Krekka, many of the cargo boxes were damaged.

Now maybe the Vahki just thought the Toa Metru might escape this way. But let’s have some fun and say what if that cargo was the most important thing in all of Metru Nui, and the Toa destroyed it.

I’ll start: maybe it was proof that Teridax had replaced Turaga Dume.


Stasis tube battery regulators for the Onu-Metru archives


I haven’t read the comics but if I had to guess (assuming the cargo’s important) I’d assume either upgrades for the Vahki that would make them tougher or smarter or important armor/Kanohi for an army Teridax could have been building (or Rahkshi parts?).


I’m gunna take a guess and say that it most likely contained Matoran Stasis pods, ready for Teridax’s domination of them.


You guys think too small. It’s not what they probably were, but what it would be fun if they were.

Those crates had instructions on how to defeat Marendar, the proper pronunciation of Lewa’s name, and the real names of all the dark hunters


clearly, it was a well written and thought-out explanation of exactly how Kapura’s powers work


I think it would’ve been really fun if the cargo was missing paintings from the Monuments Men


Without a doubt, it held Mata Nui’s reminder to pay his health insurance bill.


The crates were filled with smaller versions of the Vahki fighting smaller versions of the Toa Metru


The simple, most likely answer is that the crate had security because it was full of valuable artifacts or precious metals.

The most interesting “what if” scenario I can come up with, though, is that the crate was part of a plan to prevent Teridax’s interference in Metru Nui. What if some underground “rebel” group had pieced together that something was wrong with Turaga Dume, and that crate contained something that would have stopped Teridax’s scheme, or at least part of it?

Now, I’m not saying that they would have stopped the whole Plan, or even the Great Cataclysm; I doubt that that much of Teridax’s plan could have been figured out and unraveled by a handful of Matoran “criminals”. More realistically, though, someone might have figured out that the Matoran Spheres were bad news and was going to put a stop to them with the contents of that crate.


They contained the last remaining old grey pieces


It contained the materials necessary to craft a new sense of humour for Matau