The Mothman

Almost 52 years ago, an unknown terror began haunting the woods and roads around Point Pleasant, West Virginia.
A creature 8 foot tall, with red glowing eyes and a 15 foot wingspan.
The locals called it, ‘The Mothman.’
The creature was first sighted in November of 1966, when a group of friends were out driving near an old military ammo depot, and witnessed the creature chase after them, flying neck and neck as they fled in their car at 80 miles per hour.
The Mothman is said to be an omen of disaster, as many connect its original appearance with the devastating collapse of the Silver Bridge collapse on December 15th, 1967.
This is due to the claim that there were no more Mothman sightings around the area after the disaster.
It has also claimed to have been sighted before other tragedies, but this is for the most part, inconclusive.
Skeptics say that the original sightings may have been over-exaggerations of encounters with owls, or possibly a large species of crane, birds that have eyes that glow red in the direct light of a vehicle’s headlights.
As recently as last month, Mothman has had multiple sightings in Chicago, though residents do not believe he is the bad omen that he is presumed to be.

In Great Britain, there is a similar creature to this, called the Owlman, that was seen lurking around the Cornish town of Mawman’s church back in the 1970’s.
Like Mothman, Owlman was believed to be a mis-identification of a large owl, though some still claim to witness the creature to this day, calling the area around the church its home.


Spoooooooky! Mothman is one of my favorite cryptids.


Nice to see cryptids on the boards! I’m kinda obsessed with them.[quote=“ToaNoah_Wafflemeister, post:2, topic:43223”]
Mothman is one of my favorite cryptids.

Flatwoods monster reigns supreme! Bow down to your alien overlords feeble mortal!!!


I love Mothman! Always nice to have a mystery around.

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You should link a picture, I don’t think I’ve heard of that one.

aw man i love the mothman so much

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@ToaNoah_Wafflemeister Info on the Flatwoods Monster.

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Still think Mothman is better.

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don’t look into the eyes they bring great misfortune to those who gaze upon them.