The Mouth of Sauron - LOTR Creation

Hello! I am glad to introduce you my new Lego creation! This is the Mouth of Sauron from the deleted LOTR The Return of the King scene. This figure is very tall (even taller than my Sauron), he is well articulated and ready for battle! The head uses NO glue or anything like that, it is stable and well built. Hope you enjoyed!


That’s why the Extended Edition is superior.

That’s not right :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, how easily can the head come off? :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks good but, why does he have to have pants?

cuz black pants are the best


Anyway, this really is a great moc. My only problem would have to be the head, in that I really don’t care for how it looks, though is does look well constructed. One other thing, is that I think it looks way better without the fabric.

Fantastic job with the shaping and accuracy. The mouth looks a tad strange close up, but further away it blends in nicely.

Well designed and really creepy.

Very nice. Did you use the minifigure as reference?

Looks good, but something looks weird, and I don’t know what… Maybe the pants.

@Leoxandar Not easy at all (which is kind of a surprise for me xD)

@Yveran Yeap:)

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Not liking the head, but the torso build is impressive; sadly it’s covered up.

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Extended edition superior.
(Its veeeeeeery impressive BTW)

its really cool looking, might help if you black out the inside of the mouth though.

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