The Mutated Hero

Hey there! I finally have time to show you my big bad fat ugly stinky dirty etc. mutated monster! His story is simple: he was a hero, until he went to a mission with his team to catch Toxic Reapa. Toxic Reapa had some sort of mutagen agent who could transform everybody in a monster. When the team attacked, Toxic Reapa used this mutagen agent to mutated all the team, but this hero sacrificed himself and jumped in front of his team.
Now he is a mindless evil monster in HF's prison.
Now for the moc:

Fighting with Furno XL.

Goodbye, evil monster!
So what do you think?


I could see this being an actual set
It's quite nice, I like the colors


Bootleg pieces all around.

The moc has a heavy Ogrum vibe going, despite being a mutant; the prints are ratter distracting.


The prints (at lest the ones from the chest) are small chUnks from his original armor that remained stuck in his new one. Like Hulks... pants.

the set is really nice 10/10 would buy

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Thank you.