The MYST Series and Obduction

So who here remembers the game Myst? You know, that old 1994 First Person Puzzle game with rage inducing puzzles where you travel to other worlds via Linking books.

Now there's also Obduction, which has an est. release date of October 2015, Who here was part of the Kickstarter? Who here has played (or at least heard of) the Myst games? And who here is insanely excited for the new Obduction game.


Oh yeah ! That was such a cool game, but i played it when Riven,it's sequel, came out, so i got both and played them, confusing as they were.
Good times, good times.


so THAT'S where the idea for Mystcraft comes from

Have not heard of Obduction, but I'm currently replaying through the entire MYST series. Amazingly good games, especially EXILE and REVELATION.