the Namecheap problem

I've been having some problem with the Message Boards and that is it's it's been turning on and off.

well you see, sometimes when I look up TTV Message Boards, it doesn't put me on the Boards, but to this

(sorry if the photo isn't in good quality)

anyways, if anyone wants to help, I very much appreciate it.


That is... confusing, to say the least. I just typed the same thing into my search bar and had no problems. (Also did it on a different google account and incognito, for science.) Would you happen to be from outside the US? It might be a regional thing.

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for 1. I am from the US

and for 2. the weird part is that it does it every minute, but I'm not sure if it does

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That literally happened to me yesterday, it happened on my computer, iPad, and phone, but when I turned my phone off wi-fi and onto data, it worked! A few hours later, it went back to normal.


FINALLY! I'm Not The only one. also, how long did you turn it off for?

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Do either of you know which internet provider you have? Might have something to do with that.

well, my internet provider is gvtc

but I not sure about them having something to do with this

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Me either, I'm just looking for some common thread.

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Well, I mean, I just turned off “connect to WiFi” on my phone, it fixed itself later.

interesting, I'll try that later

We just forgot to renew our domain, the problem will go away on its own as it re-propagates. This can take up to 48 hours.