The Nazgoz Monster

No one has a clue about this ghastly beast's origins. No one would want to know for that matter.

Ok let's cut to the chase, this was a moc I've built a month back. I just felt the need to make it known in due time (which obviously means now) :stuck_out_tongue:

Showcase could be found on my YT channel.


It looks so alien with such a unique and slightly unsettling stance that i've personally never seen before. I love it!

Thanks, glad to hear. :smile:

a face only a mother could love

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I love how alien it is

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It is a great interpretation of an alien bug in my opinion.

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looks pretty nice!

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Wow, that screech actually made me kind of scared! Really intimidating! Well done!

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Why thanks guys :blush:

Looks amazing!