The "Never-Ending" Adventure - Story Compilation

Hey, guys! Kyoryu here! And as most of you guys reading this topic already know, the Never-Ending Adventure has ended... sorta. You see, there will be a sequel, and to build up hype for said sequel, I shall chronicle and do a little cleaning on the Adventure, kinda like how Oonie did with the Never-Ending Eljay Fanfic. Please keep in mind, there may be a few alterations to the original story, but I'll do my best to retain the original feeling of it. For every 100 posts In the original topic, I shall write one chapter here. Get ready, because this is gonna be one wild ride!


Good luck young chronicler. May your Kewa ride swift! This should be one heck of an adventure story. XD


......and the last few chapters shall be filled with nothing but Sanzu Death Cannons.....

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Chapter 1: Beginnings

In the time... before time, Chuck Norris appeared. He participated in a climactic battle against Chuck Testa. The battle lasted for many centuries, 7 years, to be exact. But the victor was not Chuck Norris or Chuck Testa. Rather, it was Mr. Rogers, who then went on to rap-battle Mr. T.


Shadezy, is relaxing at the poolside with Weiss Schnee. Meanwhile, Sammy the Spartan hacks CIA intel in order to assassinate the Vambassador when suddenly, Factions are created. Shadezy, leader of the Faction of Cold Pie (FCP) declares war on Pot8o's Potato Faction. As war rages on between the FCP's Rorzakhs and the Potatoes' Potatoes, Sammy assassinates Eljay, but Shadezy uses his Word of God powers to revive Eljay, now in restraints. Lelouch Vi Britannia, with the Dai SOS Outlaw Bebop Star Knights of the Britannian Empire's (DSOBSKBE) kawaii girls that he recruited with his Geass, takes over Japan. Kyoryu, Shadezy, and Sammy are immune because they already have kawaii girls with them, so Lelouch invades Hawaii instead, and cuts it off from the rest of the world, severely damaging the Tiki Idol trade. Then, the FCP invades Canada and obtains all supplies of Maple Syrup in the world. Kyoryu then arrives in Hawaii and morphs. Once morphed, he, with Ruby Rose an army of Rorzakhs, uses his shipping powers to free the kawaii girls from Lelouch's control. Then, Kyoryu, Ruby, a Toa of plasma, Rainbow Dash, and the Rorzakh army invades the DSOBSKBE's headquarters. It is guarded by lasers, sharks, laser sharks, and Speed Racer, but the Toa of plasma and Rainbow Dash defeat them. Then, the LAAT combiner MOCs bomb the DSOBSKBE HQ. Suddenly, out of a portal from the Eljayverse, rises Austin St. John. He fights every single character ever played by Johnny Yong Bosch, and the Johnny Yong Bosch characters win. Kyoryu gets bored and draws a map of the world.

Kyoryu, Ruby, Shadezy, and Weiss then have a double-date of epic proportions, with Rorzakh chefs and cookie cakes! Then, some of the Rorzakhs get infected with Bonzi Buddy. Meanwhile, Lelouch and the Johnny Yong Bosch characters turn the moon into a giant robot. Back on Earth, the great TTV ship descends from the heavens, carrying with it the TTV crew (Eljay's still in restraints), the LEGO Movie cast, and the Mod Squad.The ship lands in Middle Zealand, which soon becomes the home for a new Faction. And then... there was Ekorak... and Makuta Horribad. Horribad teleports Chuck Norris away from the universe, and creates a penthouse near the protodermis beach. He relaxes in the beach, sipping his Madu fruit. Then, the Dragonic Toa descends from the sky, carrying toast and an image of JonTron. He has no recollection of what happened the previous night. In a similar fashion, Lelouch falls from the sky, naked, with a gun, a cellphone, and 10 billion Yen. Later, Sammy assassinates Mace Windu and buys an air conditioner for the FCP HQ. The other members of the FCP go to Shadezy's and play Mario Kart. Weiss beats Shadezy. Shadezy is embarrassed. Ruby beats Kyoryu. Kyoryu is embarrassed. Kyoryu, Shadezy, Pakuru, Ruby, and Weiss leave for the pool as everyone else plays Halo. The 5 of them relax in the pool, when Pakuru, in a Speedo, tells the others that he just saw a meteor crash nearby. They investigate, and in the meteor is the Symbiote, which attaches itself to Lelouch, still in the buff. Kyoryu then displays the previously mentioned drawing of the world in his room. Suddenly, Gappy Bluepins appears, and warns the FCP of an Ogre attack. Kyoryu, Shadezy, Ruby, Weiss, and an army of Rorzakhs go into battle. The FCP wins, but Ruby and Weiss are injured. They heal soon afterward. Lelouch then attacks France, in the Attack on Titan (AoT) Faction, to get baguettes. Ninjago then declares war on Chima. The FCP moves their forces into Potato territory. Shadezy kisses Weiss. Kyoryu kisses Ruby. Then, a new Faction forms in Russia: The Feline Union. Lelouch makes Asuka his Waifu. The FCP Shreks the Ogres. Lelouch helps the Ogres gain their land back. The Feline Union gains more members from cats around the world.

And that's it for Chapter 1.

Oh Kyoryu, where the heck is the rest...?

You know what, I COMPLETELY forgot about this. I kinda wanna continue it, but alas, I remember this being VERY time-consuming (100 posts per chapter to be exact), so... @Nyran, could you possibly close this topic?

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Yah sure I guess.

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