The Never Ending Crossover Christmas

Sammy paced around on the bridge of the Hype Cruiser. All he could think about was the next battle. He longed to return to the War Room, to plan their next assault, to bring this war to an end as soon as possible.

Katie looked on in disbelief. Why is he so freaking stubborn? She thought to herself. It’s the 24th. It’s Christmas Eve, or at least, it was back on Earth. Has he seriously forgotten something so important to our History? She sighed, and shook her head. Maybe it’s time I do something about this.

She headed down into the vehicle bay, and was about to enter the Semita Umbra, when someone stopped her.

“Ma’am? What are you going?”

She looked over at the guard. “I’m taking the ship?”

“Oh! It’s you! Sorry Captain, I mistook you for someone else. Still though, you need to sign off on any departures.”

“Why don’t you just keep this between us?”

The guard looked down. “Sorry sir, but I can’t do that. Commander’s orders.”

Katie grabbed his shoulder. “You’re from Earth, right? Not Arcadia, or one of the Urashcen?”


“Then you know what Christmas is?”

“Of course. What human doesn’t?”

“Then you know it’s Christmas Eve.”

“I… think I see where you’re going.”

“Then will you keep quiet?”

"Keep quiet about what?”


Katie entered the ship, and moved up top the cockpit. It’d been awhile since she was at the helm, but she remembered the steps. She flipped on the ignition, and readied the helm. “3… 2… 1…” She whispered to herself. The ship shook, and the sound of thrusters soon filled the hangar. The Semita Umbra took off in a bolt of light.

“Cloaking… on.” Katie continued to walk herself into the steps, while she guided the ship back to the camp.

Once she arrived, she could see the camp bustling, full of life. Some more culturally sensitive people had set up a large Christmas Tree in front of the Council’s chambers, she noticed. Some had put up lights on their tents. Her assistant had even decorated her forge. That put a smile on her face. Matelis was always a nice Matoran, and it seems he’d learned about some Human traditions while he was here.

She put the ship down behind her forge, and entered. The first thing she noticed was how neat it was. She was never particularly good at that, and seeing her foge so clean was a refreshing sight. She walked into the middle of the room and saw the little Ta-Matoran working away on what seemed to be a new mask.

“Working hard, are we?”

Matelis nearly dropped his tools in surprise. “L-Lady Katherine?”

“Hey, bud.”

“It’s so good to see you! How goes the war?”

“That’s actually what I came to you for. Sammy… This war hasn’t been easy on him.”

“I can imagine. You should’ve seen Turaga Vakama back on Mata-Nui. With leadership is a heavy burden to hold.”

”I’m sure you’re aware of Christmas. You did decorate my forge after all.”

“Of course! This war has been hard on us all. A holiday like this is a good time to relax, let the stress of life flow away.”

“Well, I want a gift for Sammy.”

Matelis immediately handed over the mask he was working on. A red Kakama.

“Are you sure?”

“It was for him anyway. It was commissioned by the council. To let him know that we always have his back.”

“Thank you.”

She smiled, and said her goodbyes as she walked out of the forge and into the Semita Umbra, taking off for the Hype Cruiser.

She walked over to her quarters, and sat down on her bed, putting the mask in her closet. she quickly changed into her nightwear, and laid down for sleep.

Katie awoke with a smile, and quickly changed into her armor, grabbing her gift and making her way to the bridge.

Sammy stood there, clearly tired from a lack of sleep.


“Katie? Where were you yesterday?”

“I want you to come with me.”

“I’m kinda busy here.


He sighed. “Alright.”

She grabbed his hand and pulled him aside. “You know what day it is?”


“The date Sam. What’s today’s date.”

“I… don’t know. What is the date?”

“It’s December 25th.”

“December 25th… Why does that sound so important...?”

“Sammy, it’s christmas!”

He paused for a second. “Christ… mas…” His eyes widened. “Oh…”

She grabbed the mask, and handed it over. “Merry Christmas, Sam.”

He just stared down at it. “Is this… for me?”

“The council commissioned it from my apprentice. To show that we’ll always have your back. And I… well, honestly, I had no part in it. I’m just here to give it to you-”

He pulled her in for a big hug. “Katie, I don’t care if you didn’t make it. The fact that you care enough to think of this means a lot. Though… I don’t have anything for you…”

“Then go get some sleep. Now.”

“But I-”


Sammy rubbed the back of his head, and sighed. “Alright. Alright.”

“And Sammy?”


“Merry Christmas.”

He smiled, a genuine, happy smile. Not some fake smile he puts on for the soldiers, or a smirk of humor, or the smile he gets when a battle is going his way. A real smile. “Merry Christmas.”

Merry christmas to all you users of the Message Boards!


Very good

but one problem

this would be more better if this was its own universe instead of a RP topic for everyone which just became a few people which lost interest

It's not an RP topic though...

It comes from a RP topic

I am aware.


you never told me about this

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I'll give my blurb on what Plural is doing on Christmas:

"Stop poking at me, Mr. Raider."

It's non canon, don't worry about this.

but you never told me about this
and I like it

Needs more Anima, though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well this was more of a split second thing. I'm not about to make an all original cast for a small christmas short like this.