The new Bionicle 2015 sets (opinions/poll)

I want to know what everyone thinks of the new sets or pieces.

I kinda want this to be a poll topic.

I have this poll for the new brain stalk:

I basically want to know what everyone thinks about it.

I understand the cons of the mask being loose, but I really like the function.

So, let's find out what the community as a whole thinks of the new mask type. smile

What other stuff do you want to poll?

Well make one using this! smiley


Function seems sweet... if only there was a reason for the Toa to be shooting (er... dropping) their masks when they know "their powers will be halved".

Also, why would anyone in their right mind think that people would get punched in the back of the head all the time?

Also... how is "yes" an answer to "what do you think of the new brain stalk"


Cause it is... stuck_out_tongue

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Its a good evolution from the old ones

I think it's a forfiet option for the game

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I like the heads, but the brain function...

Ehh... It's a bit unnessacary and I don't look forward to find a way to mod it stuck_out_tongue


I was the first to answer "What brain stalk" stuck_out_tongue

What are you talking about?

You didn't see Var's tahu 2015 review?

Nope. Did he get to see them at Comic Con?

I think that the launching gimmick might be for the skull spiders. They latch onto a toa's head You can violently force the spider off and give the toa their proper mask.


Of course he got to

"What do you think of the new brain stalk?"


See them?

He GOT Tahu.

I voted yes because I can think of ways that it would be easy to mod if I even cared about that. I'm going for custom heads anyway.


I think yes of them


I chose Yes.
The brain stalks look great! I think they add a great new play feature.