The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

He stays silent, taking another step backwards. “What it behind me.” He asks emotionlessly.

As Runa walks around, he sees the power of the area start to flicker. He stops, then keeps going deeper into the area, looking for this “Elias.”

The man in the chair watches as the lights flicker in his office. “Turn on the generator, just in case.” He instructs someone. He sighs. “I assume that the detective has brought more people of interest into the city?” He asks someone nearby.

“Yes, Silver Tongue, sir, we’ve noticed at least six new powerful individuals.”

Silver Tongue acknowledges this and waves his hand. “Good. Send out Mirror. I want her to determine who we should attempt to reason with first.”

The man nods and gets up from his own chair. “On it, sir.” He says, leaving.

“Good. Now, I need to get ready myself.” Silver Tongue says as the other man leaves.

A blade twists around his head, almost looking as of was grinning, “you don’t want to know,” replied the salesman, continuing to siphon the power.

He gulps. “Please, let me go.” He pleas, fear in his eyes.

The heat begins to amplify as he asked, “oh? And how will I know if you aren’t going to tell others what you’ve seen here?”

“And risk my life doing so?” He asks. “Please, I have a wife, and a child.” He says, sounding desperately.

A contract appears, “if you want to live sign here.”

“W-what am I signing away?” He asks.

“are you really in a position to ask?” Asked the salesman, as the heat continued to intensify

“Fine.” He says, going to sign. “…do you have a pen, or…?”

A feather pen appeared, dripping with red ink

He pauses for a second, then he signs the contract.

He’d blackout, before waking in his bed, his uniforms replaced with suits

He awoke with a start, then look around. “…what the-” He’d start, before hearing his phone ring. He’d answer it. “Hello?” He asks.

Chief, where are you?” The voice on the other end replies. “That weird troublemaker's attacking the power grid, we need you down here!
Before he gets a chance to answer, they hang up, leaving him utterly confused, trying to figure out what just happened.

As he might be able to see more cars approaching him, the Salesman might hear a female voice behind him. “Like a cat, playing with their prey. Kinda irresponsible if you ask me.” She says.

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“can you blame me?” He asked, not bothering to face the voice. “Such humans are but primative dolls.”

It isn’t long before he walks into an area inhabited by the poor, living in the remains of tents tacked on to buildings, or sharing rooms in abandoned buildings. It was more often that those in the lower class were the crooks and criminals, but these folk were too poor to do much at all. That, and Fever spreads easy.

Dozens of surprised eyes stared out from the darkness, shocked to see someone with such an appearance as he coming to the slums, and it blasted trouble into every mind present. A wrinkled woman with darker skin eventually stepped forward. “Are you here for him?”

Robert entered the news office, looking around. He approached the front desk.
“Hello, I was wondering if I could have any new info on the Silver Tongue.” He said to the receptionist.

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“Even a fly can outwit a spider.” She reminds him. “Just be careful not to be caught in your own web.”

Runa looks up, revealing what was below the hood to the onlookers. “…To meet him. Nothing more, nothing less.” He replies.

The receptionist looks up at him. “Well you’re in the wrong spot.” She informs him. “You’re lucky we recognize the name.”

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“very well, I suspect he wants me back then?”

The woman looked up at him with a steeled smile. Most of the others jolted at the sight of his face.

“You will not be the last.” She said with resolution. “I take you to him. Come.”

A man with a missing leg scrambled over to where she was seated and shot glaring glances all around. He mentioned something to her in spanish and she nodded in return.

“Come.” She said once more and started walking down the sidewalk at a brisker pace than she seemed capable of.

Scott continues to unpack. Why is it so hard for me to live a normal life? He opens a box containing a black mask. That’s weird. I could’ve sworn I got rid of this.