The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

The salesman continued draining with Holi hoping something will come of it

“Nice chatting with you too.” He said as he watched Runa fly off.

He decides to try visiting the police station but he had a couple things to sort out first.

He goes to his encrypted messaging network and sends the Society the following message:

I have need to access the police records, all of them, that pertain to a Detecrive Damian Grey that went missing recently.


Robert read the message and turned to an associate.
“If you could.” He asked.
The man nodded and walked off.
Shortly, the information would be available.

The Crimson Blade waited patiently for the information to be made available to him.

When the information arrived, CB read through it.

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Superhuman was about to open his mouth, when Pulse spoke.[quote=“jayzor17, post:521, topic:49488”]
“How about this: you tell us who you and that other villain are and what you’re up to, and we’ll tell you who you’re fighting. Deal?”

Wait. Does he… Not recognize me?

“Talk,” Superhuman growled, his eyes glowing with menace. Shade wouldn’t see them, although Connor could, but that voice… Seemed to be as faint as the wind at first, but if he bothered to listen, he’d soon hear it right in front of him. “I’m very capable of swooping down and grabbing your throat if I accidentally flip you off this rooftop.”

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He would see simple stuff:
Detective Grey had come to the city to try and find out what was going on with what seemed like corruption. He had uncovered reports of a mysterious man going by Silver Tongue, and had hypothesized he was behind it. However, shortly after, he retracted such statement, and he shortly thereafter dropped off the radar.

Nothing else had come of it yet.

Shade was silent for a short time. “Shade.” He finally said. “Fighting anyone in our way.”
Below him, in his shadow, the slightest movement would start.

He tries to find where Detective Grey was from, seeing a potential little contradiction regarding his hypothesis and how it seemed, to CB, to be rather sudden.

Seeing how far the man travelled would give him an idea of if this idea held merit.

He was from a town in the next county over, with a wife and a little girl.

Zack thinks on this, pondering his next move.

While he had to get the Society some good information lest he make them feel he ripped them off, he saw he may have to play a card he didn’t often play when he followed leads: the sympathetic so who seeks to comfort others when they are down.

He tries to dig up the detective’s personal notes about the case to see if there any clues that would help him learn how he disappeared.

He’d find little. Only that he thought he’d found where Silver Tongue might be hiding, and a crude map leading to the rough area. It seems it was dated two days before his retraction, and nine before he disappeared. Nothing dated later could be found.

He copies the map quickly, saves what info he could, leaves with his only copy, sending the rest back to Sir Robert with a thank you and request that he may want to read it, it could prove educational.

Lash notices the flickering power. Again? She pulls herself to a high point in the city, scouring the cityscape for the nearest power plant.


She swings back down into the skyline, quickly making her way to the power plant in question. It doesn’t take long for her to find the source of the problem.

The anti-hero positions herself behind the Salesman, her ropes allowing her to loom over the strange being.

“That’s enough,” she barks. “Cut it out now and I won’t leave any lasting scars.”

Pulse notices the movement. At first he brushes the image off as a trick of his tired eyes, but his brain puts together the thematic consistency soon enough.

“Cut that out,” he says, jabbing a finger at the villain. “And the other villain you were with, who was that?”

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“is it?” He asked, not even bothering to turn to face her, “and scars aren’t an issue dear Miss.” (@jayzor17)

“She’s called Mirror.” He answers.

The movement in the shadow dies down a bit.

“Sounds good. When can I start?”

Zack continued to wander around the city, exploring it.

“Whenever you like. Preferably soon.” He said as an assistant handed him a folder. “In there is a list of names for you to keep an eye on.” Silver Tongue tells Vance. “Or go to the lab a floor down and talk to Mr. Ito about helping him on his project.”

Vance took the folder and read some of the names.
OOC: what names might he see, if relevant to the RP?

Upon a glance, he might see names such as:

Xano Miro Zack Yami Matthew d'Angelo Lucille Ramirez Kaleo Keen Scott Morris Elias Felix Kilgrew Robert Wilheim III Daven Guild

A few names might stand out more than the others, as well, seeing as they wouldn’t seem much like actual names so much as aliases:

J-73 Project: Runa Switchblade

Project: Runa sees the flickering lights and goes to investigate them.


Zack pokes around the park where the debate was held, trying to see if he could find any leads.

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