The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

He might find flyers of the two candidates still left over, and he might find a few straggling people from each one’s political team. He might be better off looking for where they might have gone next.

Zack asks around, keeping watch for any odd behavior from the campaign team members he spoke with.

They wouldn’t give him much information, as might have been expected, but they would tell him where to contact the two. Meyers would likely be at his business office in the south side of the city, in the residential area, while Fitzgerald would be uptown in his own office.

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Zack nods and bids them good day before leaving, making a mental note that he had a strong feeling one of the candidates was connected to Silver Tongue in some way.

He tries to figure out which of those locations was closest to stakeout first.

He also picks ups few fliers to examine later.

From the park, they were about an equal distance, but more public transportation ran south than north.

“Oh yeah, I know the Switchblade guy. He ripped me off. I think project Runa asked me how to find you but he wasn’t going to give me anything of value for the information,” he said, remembering that Runa was going to kill him for the info.

“It’s up to you what you do, then.” Silver Tongue said to him. “Good luck.”

“Thank you sir” Vance said extending his hand to shake that of the Silver Tongue
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Crimson Blade went south to stake out the candidate there.

OOC: Literally anything you want, it’s an open game, but specifically he was talking about two things, either going after anyone on the list, or going to see if Hinata needs help.

IC: Silver Tongue doesn’t turn around. “You are welcome. Now, please excuse me.” He says, implying he wanted him to leave. (@EmperorDuckie)

Crimson Blade would find Flynn Meyers’ office, but he didn’t seem to be there. His secretary, however, was. (@BlackBeltGamer98)

He waits to see what happens.

The secretary looks up. “Are you here to see Mr. Meyers?” She asks.

“Perhaps; I’m more curious who he works with.” He said in his gruff voice.

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“How do you mean?” She asks.

Vance is slightly irritated but leaves to find Hinata

He would find him in the lab downstairs, fiddling with a small device in his hands.

Vance would enter the room and clear his throat to get the scientist’s attention

Hinata didn’t seem to hear him. He affixed the device into his ear, then turns around to see him. “Oh, I’m sorry, didn’t hear you there.” He said, standing up. “Had to deal with…well, one of the drawbacks of the trade.” He says offhandedly. “Anyways, I assume you’re here to help?”

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“Let’s just say I may be a scout for a sponsor and my superiors want to know whether or not this guy has a truly clean slate as investing in someone with certain uncertainties may reflect poorly on them.” He said.

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“I’m afraid you’ll have to schedule an appointment to meet with him. He’s a very busy man.” The secretary informs him.