The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

“this city has an issue…” He said, tapping his fingers irritably on the table. “These vigilantes must be stopped. Please make it your top priority, and set a bounty on all known vigilantes. I want them hunted down, alive…” The tapping grew louder, “or dead…” The salesman then vanished

Oni veers off into another alley, hoping to lose the crowd of four that were now following him.
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The policeman sighed. “Oh my god the hoops I’m gonna have to jump through to get that done.” He grumbles, going off to try and get that done.

Igiris noticed the woman in the distance, strange how she got his attention maybe because she had the appearance of a mirror.

He flew towards her, but very cautious as to not get spotted, but he was decently up in the air, so one must really have a good eye sight to spot him.

Mirror turned down another path, continuing her travels.

Igiris continued to follow her, flying just above a building, trying to remain out of sight.

Mirror suddenly stops. (@MichaelBT-7474)

Pulse slides to a stop, emerging from an alley behind Runa.

“Well, looks like he’s got this handled,” he mutters, mostly to himself.

Nightingale hasn’t quite noticed her new friends yet, doggedly pursuing her quarry. Her wings grow stronger as the light fades, and she begins to pick up speed.

Runa turned to face him. “You.” He said. “Do you have anything to contain him? Or a way to contact authorities?” He asked sternly.

“Uh…” Pulse’s brain stalls for a moment. “Erm, yes, something like that.” He pulls his phone from one belt pouch and a pair of binders from the other.

“You want to cuff him or make the call?”

“I doubt cuffs will do much to a giant lizard, however I feel that’d be where I’m best suited.” He said, taking the binders and limping over to Coldblood, binding him up.

Igiris stopped as well. He thought if he had been spotted and if he did, he was contemplating if she would make a sharp turn behind her, to see if there was something potentially following her.

Pulse chuckles slightly, immediately feeling silly for even pulling them out. He turns away, calling the cops to once again notify them of a captured ne’er do well.

“You up there.” She calls. “Who are you?”

She starts floating upwards as she slowly turns to face him, slowly floating up to his level.

Runa bound Coldblood, then limped back as Pulse contacted the police. “I assume you and the police can take care of it from here?” He said gruffly as he walked by. “Because I have other stuff to take care of.”

Dang, we’ve been spotted…,” Igiris thought. The tall being glanced at the woman, his light blue eyes would show no emotion towards her. “To be blunt…” He started. “You’ve kinda attracted my eyes, you don’t see a walking mirror every day around, these alleys.” He said.

“Would you prefer to see someone else?” She asked, mischief in her voice, as she completely turned to face Igiris, looking him over.

Pulse motions for Runa to wait with one finger while he finishes the call. He snaps the flipphone shut with one hand, turning to face the other hero.

“Well, uh…” he fidgets with the phone for a moment before hiding it away once more. “I was hoping to establish contacts with other heroes in the city. Oh, I’m sorry, haven’t introduced myself. I’m Pulse.” He offers a handshake.

Igiris shrugged. “I honestly don’t care.” He said, with a blunt tone. “I’m not the one in the search for partners here.” If he grinned, he could, but through his tone someone could tell that he did, as Abe was speaking in Igiris’ head. “Come on…” He sighed.

Runa stops and turns to him. “And why are you establishing such contacts?” He asks, wary of this newcomer.

Before he turns away, Mirror’s form starts to ■■■■■ into that of Igiris. As she did, bits of him memory would come to her, as would his abilities for as long as she held his form.

“What are you doing…” Igiris’ tone dropped flat, as he saw the Mirror change into his form, luckily the Mirror won’t have any memories of his past, because for granted he doesn’t remember them.

“We can do more together than alone, right? That’s what my, uh, mentor always said. Anyways, uh, don’t think I caught your name.”