The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

Elias tore through a hedge easily as he continued following Nightingale. It wasn’t easy to stop him at this point, however since Nightingale didn’t have to rely on things like stamina she was very slowly outpacing him.

He grunted as his heel dug into the ground to change direction as his target chose to pursue Oni instead of the much simpler path Mirror took. This was going to be a difficult fight.

Superhuman couldn’t have ignored Coldblood’s scuffle. However, as much as he wanted to assist, he couldn’t make himself too known yet. This whole fading mystery had shaken him slightly, and he had to choose his allies carefully.

Instead, he switched back to the familiar blue suit, green tie, and thick-rimmed glasses of mild-mannered reporter Wayne Watterson for the Daily Special and had a relaxing nap atop one of the tallest skyscrapers he could find.

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Runa would back off slightly, waiting for a chance to strike.

Oni glances back to see her, then goes back to running, ducking into a small alley and running that way. “You’re good now, she’s following me. Return to the base.” He says into his radio.

He would hear that, more specifically, it was on the outskirts of the city, near a more suburban area.

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Coldblood then leapt above Runa into the air, claws extended outward like a pouncing cat.

Runa leaned back to see him, and boosted backwardsspoiler[/spoiler], out of the way, and then rushed in with a boostspoiler[/spoiler] and a lunging stab.

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The blade penetrated Coldblood’s chest a few inches. He roared in pain, as a rush of adrenaline flooded through him and the pain transformed onto rage. Coldblood slashed his claws rapidly at Runa’s face/mask.

Runa was slashed at, taking much damage, before he kicked up and pushed off of Coldblood’s chest with a powerful boostspoiler[/spoiler], blasting away from the dangerous assault and taking a step back to analyze what else he could do as his systems assessed the damage.

As Shade was lead into the jail, he’s lead to a solitary confinement chamber, outfitted with bright lights, from the top and(due to recent renovations) the bottom and sides of the room, leaving him without the darkness that gave him his power. He’s thrown in, the door being locked behind him.

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“Excuse you.” CB said as he tried to figure out who that was.

He’d have seen the man run by, followed by…a woman flying through the sky and a really tall man covered in layers of clothes.

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Coldblood grinned with delight, as he slowly stomped towards Runa.
“Looks like you’re finally cornered, Tinman.” He hissed, his tail dragging along the ground.
“Oh, but I wonder, what sort of toy of yours could you possibly pull out to get yourself out of this tight spot? What kind of Deus Ex Machina will swoop in and save your shiny metal ■■■?”

He then snickered to himself, now standing right above Runa.
“Or, could it be that you are in over your head? That you forgot to come prepared with your contingency for the event that you may encounter a giant lizard person while bringing your groceries home?”

With that, Coldblood’s mouth opened wide, his jaw extending to an immense length as he prepares to chomp off Runa’s head.

An idea.

An idea shot through Runa’s head as he saw the gaping mouth, staying silent through the speech.

His core sparked quickly, before he called something, at a normal speaking tone.
“R-Mechanical Core Discharge.” He said, as a gigantic, destructive laser busted out of his chest, aiming right at Coldblood with all its force, enough to, at the very least, seriously injure him.


Unable to hear Oni’s words at this distance, Nightingale simply pushes off a wall, following the criminal into the alley.

Pulse sees the light from the discharge as he approaches the fight. Well, that’s where the fight is.


Melosia was walking down one alley. She has recently got to New Hawkhood, and now was searching for anything unusual, which might lead her to Vai and the other heads of the Syndicate.

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The light of Runa’s blast gleamed off Coldblood’s slitted reptilian eyes, which widened in shock and surprise as the powerful laser beam impacted him head-on in the chest and sent him flying backwards through the alleyway. Coldblood’s body smacked into the brick wall of a building at the end of the alley, leaving an impression shaped like him in the wall as he slid down and landed on the ground on his chest, slumping over with a heavy thud.

A smoking crater was left on the impact site of Coldblood’s chest, roughly the size of a small china plate in its circumference.
He definitely was not dead, given his incredible resilience and thick scales; but he was at least temporarily incapacitated and unconscious for the time being.

A scent that could be equated to grilled Gator meat could be smelled in the air.

(OOC: though most people in real life, including myself probably have no idea what that smells like)

She may see the chase pass by her, consisting of Oni being chased by a flying woman and above strange looking large man.

Runa walked towards the unconscious beast, making sure he was actually out.

Meanwhile, his systems went haywire, error messages popping up for over half of them as it tried to recover from the shock of that last move. It was obvious to Runa that he’d have to fix them manually, even if externally there were few to no signs of the internal damage the discharge caused.

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Olvidé lo extraño que pasan por aquí.” she mumbled, before deciding to give chase and to follow.

Crimson Blade tries to follow them without being spotted, his senses alert for any sign of attack towards himself. (@Runa)

The salesman appears behind the police chief, “hello old friend”

Coldblood’s vital signs(if Runa’s mask could scan for them) would all appear to be normal and stable, however he was not conscious. Coldblood’s tongue rolling out of his mouth and drooping over the ground would be a further indicator of that.

Igiris sighed. “Okay, fine. You win this time.” Igiris said to Abe.

“Wait, what?” He asked confused. “Really? You just said no.” He said.

Well like you said. It’ll be fun.” Igiris said.

“YES!” Abe said enthusiastically as he jumped up on his feet. “Let’s do this!” He was very pumped for this.

Suddenly Abe turned into Igiris and his cape materialized into wings, the armor-plated black Igiris who stood about 7’ tall stands on the edge of the rooftop.

Igiris jumped off and began flying around the place, up in the sky. He more likely seemed to be a shadow with wings flying to the people that may potentially see him

He looked around, ready to spot something that may be of his interest and perhaps he too would draw out attention as he flew by.

The policeman jumped. “Jesus Christ.” He mutters. “Yes?” He then asked, scared.

Project: Runa looked over Coldblood, then went to contact someone, but he then realized that his communication systems were down. He looked around and tried to see if anyone was there who could contact authorities to take care of him.

He might see a woman, her form having the appearance of a mirror, walking down an alley, something in her hand.