The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

“Heh, looks like someone’s slowing down!” Coldblood said, laughing heartily as he kicked his foot towards Runa.

Mirror runs into the elevator and the door closes. She ends up right between the two. “Uh, hi.” She says awkwardly.

Runa scoops under the foot and boosts towards Coldbloodspoiler[/spoiler], trying to knock him off balance.


“Soo…” Nightingale says, her shadow staying between herself and Mirror. “How about we don’t try and kill each other until after we get out of the elevator?”

Oni thought. “I mean we’re a lot less likely to fall to our deaths that way.” He mutters.

Mirror just stays still. “Not a bad idea. You don’t attack and neither will we.”

Nightingale points at Oni. “I like the way you think. No fighting.” Not until this elevator gets to the top, anyways.

“Once we get to the top, we’ll be fine.” Oni says. He mentally checks his pockets, making sure his other tools were still there.

Nightingale nods, glancing at the ceiling. This elevator went faster on the way down.

Soon, the elevator reached the top, where they got on.

“Well.” Oni said, as he threw a round grey thing to the ground. “I think we’ll be on our way.”

Suddenly, the orb explodes into smoke, as both Mirror and Oni try to make a break for it.

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Nightingale’s shadow lashes out, reaching blindly for the computer components Oni is carrying with him. She runs after them a moment later, free arm covering her eyes.

She would hit Oni in the back, making him stumble, but she wouldn’t get the computer as they dashed out of the room and jumped out the window. Oni skidded down the side of the building using his claws, while Mirror shifted back to normal and floated to the ground.

Elias suddenly spun around. Oni was scraping down directly above him and it startled him. Throwing up his scarf in an instant, Elias eyed the man suspiciously, ready to move if he needed to.

It was growing dark quicker than what he’d prefer. Not that he ever minded the dark.

CB watched curiously as the news crew made their preparations.

Coldblood was tripped, but he rolled on the ground before leaping up into the air and attempting to crush his body on top of Runa.

As he nears the ground, Oni kicks off from the wall, landing and running into an alleyway nearby, Mirror close behind.

The news crew made final preparations, before going live.
“Hello, and welcome to our lives interview with candidate Fitzgerald.”
Though CB might be distracted as a masked man ran by and almost bumped into him.

Runa boosted out of the wayspoiler[/spoiler] and fired another laser at Coldblood.

Elias quickly bolted over to the alley in time to see Mirror disappear out the other side. There was no way he was agile enough to catch up with the pair, so for him, the trail abruptly ended there.

He looked back at the building to see if anyone else was going to come flying out. Any personnel who was inside the building’s main floor was currently hiding in terror of giant, flying starfish.

Nightingale races to the window, watching Oni and Mirror flee. Night was coming. They wouldn’t be able to stay away from her for long.

Her shadow wraps around her back as she leaps out the window, dark wings forming behind her as the air rushes by. Her fall turns into a glide, carrying her across the street and into the alley the two had vanished into. She grabs briefly onto a fire escape before pushing off again, adjusting her course to follow them.

The interview plays in the background as Pulse sits in his apartment, recovering from the fight with Shade. Matthew pulls the helmet off, running a hand through his hair as he sets it on the table next to him. Checking his injuries should come first, but he was currently too hungry to care. He turns on the stove, pulling out what he would need to make his meal.

…And that display was enough to convince Elias that it would be worth exhausting himself in the chase. He began running after the silent Nightingale who, upon descending, had passed just over his head.

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Oni cusses under his breath as he saw her. “Come on, evasive actions, don’t lead her right to base.” He says.

Suddenly, Mirror and Oni come together, seeming to pass something off, and split off in two separate directions

The interview was mostly them talking to the candidate about his policy, and what he wanted to do in the mayor’s office.

“So, final question, what are your plans for dealing with the increase in super-power assisted crimes in the area?” The interviewer asks.

Fitzgerald thinks for a moment. “I believe that a big part of this is not only the villains, but the so called heroes, who time and again have proven themselves to be unaccountable to their actions, must also be brought to justice. As such, any active powered individual will be brought to justice by our police when I am elected.”

“Thank you. That’s all the time we have today .Tune in next time when we interview candidate Meyers. This is Abby Wood, with Channel 9.”


The laser impacted Coldblood’s chest, knocking him back.
Whatever it is that you’re trying to do while I’m being a distraction, you better do it quick! he thought impatiently, thinking about mirror.

Then, Coldblood leapt in a zigzag pattern across the wall of the alley, platforming from wall to wall in an effort to throw off Runa’s aiming as he came closer to him.

Nightingale banks to follow Oni. As they pass through the shadow of the alley, her wings grow, flapping once and regaining some of her lost altitude.

Pulse frowns, finishing his meal. If there was a chance he would become illegal after the election, that meant he had a deadline. Right now, it wasn’t looking like he would get anywhere close to figuring out who Silver Tongue was before then… not without some help.

He pulls up his computer, searching for when the election was taking place to double-check the date. Meanwhile, he starts running through a list of potential allies. Superhuman seemed like one, though his condition could make true cooperation difficult. Other than that… well, he hadn’t met any other heroes yet, had he? He could ask the Foundation for some of his parents’ old contacts, but who knew if any of them were still around? Instead, he pulls out a radio, flicking through various emergency frequencies. If he listened long enough, maybe he’d find a lead to another hero here in the city. He leans back, settling in for a long night.

Instead, he is quickly informed of an altercation near the city’s waterfront. Some sort of reptilian creature had started attacking civilians… and a man in a suit of armor had jumped in to save him. There was his hero. Pulse hurriedly pulls the costume back on before rushing out the door to join the fight.

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