The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

Nightingale reforms her shadows, placing a wall between herself and mirror –

– and then the room goes dark. She curses, feeling her shadows all soften and spread in an instant. She pulls her shadows back to her, feeling them slowly drift in her direction. What mass is already close to her she pushes towards Mirror, something that would feel like a wind – forceful, but not solid. At the same time she lunges toward the front of the elevator, jabbing for about where she assumed the buttons would be.

She would instead encounter someone else in the elevator. “You’re here, might as well stay and have some fun.” Oni would say to her, having seen his way there thanks to his mask’s very limited night vision. He kicks her back and draws both of his Tri-Blades.

Mirror would be forced back by the shadow, but then go for the wall, searching for the lights.

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She grimaces, swinging at Oni’s knees with her baton. Her shadow swirls around her, like a dark wind swishing back and forth around Oni.

Oni blocks the baton with his blades, but his buffeted pretty bad by the winds, backing up against the wall.

Mirror keeps searching for a switch, knowing there had to be one.

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Nightingale reaches out, trying to grab him with her free hand and throw him towards the door of the elevator. Her shadows continue to buffet the criminal, pushing towards the elevator’s wall.

He stumbles, but rushes back into the elevator to tackle Nightingale.

Mirror, finally finding what she was looking for, flips the switch, as lights illuminate the entirety of the room. Finally, she sees what Nightingale looks like, and if she had a mouth she would smirk as she shifts to look like her, fragments of Lauren’s memories coming to her as well.

Nightingale’s shadow shrinks under the light… and solidifies. She stumbles backwards, her shadow gathering into a vaguely-humanoid shape, a little smaller than the hero is, and countering Oni’s tackle with one if its own.

Mirror would see flashes of the city outside – a cafe, steam rising from a mug of coffee catching in evening light – the roof of the building they’re in, the vent Oni had entered through ripped open in front of her – a bar, lit with a friendly orange glow, a massive smiling man tending the bar – the others are fainter, more distant.

She tries to recall a little bit more about the past memories before the fragments solidify in her mind.

Oni tries to stab it with his claws and throw the shadow to the side, before trying to throw Lauren out of the elevator. “Hurry up Mirror!” He calls.

Coldblood chuckled. “I prefer to be a beast instead of man. Humanity is a weakness, and I’m sure that’s an opinion you can respect.” He grunted, side-swiping his claws at Runa after he dodged him.

A few more memories flit by – an alley at nighttime, the long shadow cast by a streetlamp behind her reaching out towards someone at the other end – her back on the ground, a group of dark figures standing over her, all practically shaking from fear – the shadow reaching up around her, and a puddle reflecting a form that was not her own.

The shadow is impaled and cast aside, where it reaches up the wall and jabs the button to get the elevator moving. Nightingale struggles against his attempts, jabbing her baton at Oni’s armpit.

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Superhuman nods. “You too.” He flies up out of the alley and disappears among the heavy clouds.

Elias was drawing closer and closer to the loud alarms erupting from out of the building, and slightly more audibly from the roof. Time to see what’s up.

Approaching the building, he pulled down his scarf and threw the doors open, letting his substance leak into the main floor’s air supply.

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Runa blocked the strike with Gardna, holding his ground and priming his boosters. “You give yourself too much credit.” He says. “You degraded yourself to an animal, while I became what humanity only wishes it could be.”

Oni is hit and stumbles, but stays in the elevator. “MIRROR!” He calls.

Mirror snaps out of it and rushes for the elevator, using her shadow to hold the doors open until she could get in.

The people on the main floor, few as they were, started getting out as soon as they could, as the substance started to get to them.

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“And yet you think I have ego issues?” Coldblood hissed, as his long, sticky elastic tongue shot out from his mouth towards Runa.

Runa boosted backwardsspoiler[/spoiler], firing at the tongue in the process. “I have my flaws, but at least I have the means to fix mine.” He says. “You’re all stuck with yours forever.

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“Who is to say this is a flaw?” Coldblood hissed, roundhouse kicking his legs at Runa.

Runa ducked under the kick and boostedspoiler[/spoiler] towards the limb he was holding himself up with, hoping to blow past it and knock it out from under him.

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Runa not only knocked Coldblood off balance, but he also dislocated his leg bone.
Coldblood tripped backwards and landed on his back.
Grunting with frustration, he realigned his leg and leapt up onto his feet, attempting to catch Runa off guard as he then threw a punch at his face with his fist.

Crimson Blade stayed in his hiding place, watching the goingson around Fitzgerald’s office building.

Runa turns to face Coldblood, and not expecting the punch, gets hit and flies into a nearby wall. He gets up and faces Coldblood, ready for his next attack.

The news crew was still setting up to interview Fitzgerald. He might see the logo of the channel as well, in case he wanted to tune in to this live interview.

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Pulse watches him go before continuing through the city.

Lauren steps back, pushing herself against the wall opposite of Oni, her shadow coiling in front of her.

“Going up?” she quips with a sheepish grin.