The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

OOC: Yes, it does feel a bit much. I approved Vai, not an army of faceless minions.

IC: “It’s just a precaution, sir. We don’t want to get in trouble with our superiors.”

OOC: It is not really an army, just some troopers around him.
IC: “As long as those papers are good, there will be no trouble. So you better go ahead and check them. By the time you get an answer I’ll be at the embassy, waiting.” he said, before turning to one of his men. “Bring the car.”
The guy nodded, before running away to search for the car."

“Our higher ups are particularly strict. They’d really prefer if we help guide you. This city can be a pain to navigate for newcomers, too, so it’s really for the best.” The policeman insisted. “In fact, your hesitance to accept our help is a little bit…troublesome. Almost seems like you have something to hide.”

“It’s agitation. You know why? Because at this point you would have had the papers checked and I would have been at the embassy. I am the head of the Samoan Secret Service, the SSS, Pule Tuitama, and this guy is in my courtesy now.” he said as the guy who left came on the street with a blind SUV.

The policeman rolled his eyes. “Alright, go right ahead then.” He said, walking back to his car. “Be on your way.”

“Finally! Thank you!” he said, pushing Coldblood into the SUV.

Coldblood, being very large, bumped his head on the way into the van.

When he would enter the car would drove off, seemingly going towards downtown.
“So happy to finally meet you.” Vai said, taking off tge cuffs and offering a handshake.

Once he no longer had line of sight on the policeman, he talked to the other policeman. “Follow him.” He whispered. “Something about him’s…off.”

Crimson Blade follows Oni, trying not to look threatening. (@Runa)

The salesman appeared in the powerplant of the district, grasping his fingers around the nearest outlet and beginning to drain

Coldblood glared at Vai, baring his fangs.
“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t bite that hand off right now.” He growled.

“Because, mister, I know everything that there is to know about you, and instead of throwing you in the cage I offer you a new life and a new destiny.” he said, not moving his glare from his eyes, still having the hand raised in the air.

Coldblood stared down at Vai’s hand, still a bit hesitant to take it.
“What did you have in mind?”

“I want to help you and all of the other ones like you.”

“Oh? How so? And what do you mean, ‘like me’?”

“Do you really think that you are the only one with such talents?” he said, still eyeing him intensely and holding his hand.
OOC: Wait, so isn’t the whole of the House of Serpents made out of snake people?

Oni veered off again, starting to tire from this chase.

Crimson Blade tries to keep following him at a safe distance.

OOC: No.

The House of Serpents is just a regular crime organization run by normal people.
Though there may be other bioweapons like Coldblood, who were engineered by other governments and organizations. I suggest maybe you try to read his signup sheet more thoroughly for proper clarification.

“…Go on.” Stated Coldblood.