The New Rita Repulsa for 2017's Power Rangers

For those who don’t know, next year we are getting another reboot movie based on a popular kids TV series from over 20 years ago.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
The past couple of weeks, images have leaked of the new look for Rita Repulsa, as played by actress Elizabeth Banks.
Gone is her flowing dress, weird breast plate, and corny hat. Her design is drastically different from the original Rita Repulsa from the TV series, sporting an almost alien Poison Ivy vibe to her with her green body forming costume with dragon scale like accents.

Banks’s Rita Repulsa has been the only official design of a character that has been revealed so far of this new movie, everything else except who is playing the new rangers is a mystery.
I just hope whatever they do with the rangers, they do not keep them in the spandex suits…

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This is infinitely better. That’s all.

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In other news, here’s a pic of the five new actors to fill the spots of the 5 original Power Rangers.

Dacre Montgomery/ Jason, the Red Ranger
RJ Cyler/ Billy, the Blue Ranger
Becky G/ Trini, the Yellow Ranger
Naomi Scott/ Kimberly, the Pink Ranger
Ludi Lin/ Zach, the Black Ranger.

She actually doesn’t look that bad. I would buy that figure.


I want the old narmy costume.

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Oh look, Grandma Poison Ivy with Loki staff.[quote=“Ninjanicktf, post:5, topic:22430, full:true”]
She actually doesn’t look that bad. I would buy that figure.
Women are not objects to buy.:mask:

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As mentioned, she looks more like Enchantress than Rita Repulsa

Not a fan of the design, it seems more like its made for combat rather than he original design which was more suited to a leader than a warrior.

Wouldn’t this be movies? Given its for the 2017 Power Rangers movie - and not a TV Show?

Well she still is a space witch.
Maybe this new Rita will be a lead from the front type of leader, rather than a lead from behind like the old one.

The plus side of this Rita is that it has no Japanese predecessor.
The original Rita Repulsa was just the Japanese villain with an English voice dub (at least S1 was, the later seasons ran out of stock footage). The original Japanese villain…actually had a pretty good singing voice…

I’m excited for this movie, I hope it goes well!

#return of the green ranger
just saying her costume gives off extreme green ranger vibes

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Who knows, maybe if this movie is successful we’ll get a sequel with the Green Ranger.

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or maybe hes showin up in the movie?

There’s no word about a green ranger in this film. If I had to guess, I’d wager that the green ranger won’t appear until a sequel, or maybe a post credit scene. lol.

He does seem more like a sequel character to me.

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A lot of PR fans complain about how it doesn’t look like the original
but honestly, I like how this is differeniating itself from the Sentai
plus the original design is pretty trash.

More pictures from the shoot. Apparently Rita’s going to have two looks in the film.

The official ranger designs have finally been released.

They kinda look like a mix between an alien version of Iron Man and their designs from the first MMPR movie. They’re also beltless, which kinda reminds me of Superman’s Man of Steel.



They actually don’t look too bad. Sure they don’t look much like the original suits but they’re not trying to be. This is supposed to be a reboot, so understandably they are going to change things.

Although I swear the Megaord better not look anything like Devasator from revenge of the fallen

Hopefully, they will go for more of a Pacific Rim look with Daizyujin…er ah, I mean the Megazord.

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