The NiGHTS topic

I searched for this and did not find it on the message boards. And yes, I typed in the names of both NiGHTS games.

Anyways, NiGHTS. The nightmaren who has appeared in more sonic games than his/her own games. And no, he/she is not a Sonic The Hedgehog character, contrary to his/her video game appearances.

I’ve played NiGHTS into Dreams (haven’t beat it yet) and I still have to play Journey of Dreams (Haven’t played it despite owning it for close to a year now).

Let’s discuss.

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people think this?

I wouldn’t blame them tho.

I haven’t seen him/her/it since like SA1 in that secret pinball board in Casinopolis.

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And we can’t forget the cameo in SA2, Sonic Riders, and Sonic and Sega All stars racing transformed.

It’s been a long time since I last played Journey of Dreams, but, from what I’ve played, it’s been a very enjoyable experience.

…Minus the bosses. Especially this guy:

#I can’t

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I’m guessing he is a pain in the behind.

He really is, to me at least.

I’m not really a Sega guy.

Nintendo for life

Not really

but really


what even is this monstrosity

Satan incarnate according to Shade


Alway made me feel sleepy.
May pick it up eventually.

I played a used copy of the Wii game, and I liked it. Then once I beat the tutorial it froze on the loading screen. Then once I restarted the Wii it didn’t work at all.

I suggest going on Amazon to find a better copy.