The Nintendo Topic

Theres been a lot of topics for Nintendo related subjects but I haven’t seen a general one. So here it is. Talk about this Japanese video game icon.

So Nintendo has been really killing it this past year or so. As of right now I’m watching the E3 Nintendo world championship relaunch. I saw part of it live but now I’m going back to see the whole thing.


it’s a shame they’re so protective of sharing content, shutting down LP’s


I thought they stopped doing that as much. They recently made an announcement giving consent for people to do stuff like remix their music and other creative content or something along those lines.

I’m waiting for the day when Shovel Knight will join the Smash roster.


Nintendo are pretty darn cool

I second this comment.

The Amiibo embargo must end.


Nintendo is cool


Nintendo is a electronic powerhouse.

I want you to time yourself for each part.
I want you to think of 5 characters from Nintendo. Write them down.
Then think of 5 characters from Sony. Write them down.
Repeat for Capcom. Then Sega. Then finally for Namco.

It should be harder for Sony, Capcom, Sega, and Namco. See my proof?


Pretty easy to do for Sony, since I was a Sony kid, but Nintedo is overall my favorite :stuck_out_tongue:

Walking arwings

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Well this happened.

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I’m not sure if Nintendo would do well as a third pary developer as some people want them to become.

why? because if Mario could be played on PS4 or the XBOX, then i bet that there would be fewer people who would play them. Not to mention the fact that people would then start to complain more about the games, given how some complain about Nintendo just releases the same games over and over again with just a different paint job.

Welp, it was coming eventually.

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A question for everyone, how expensive are amiibo in your country.

Depends on the store/amiibo. Typically they’ve ranged from $11-$15 in my experience living in the US.

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Amiibo when they came out where (over)priced at 16 euro here in the Netherlands however since the BOTW amiibo and onwards amiibo are 20 euro. So I wondered if other people also noticed a price bump.

Amiibo prices are now absolutly rediculous 16 was already to much and now they seem to be 20.

splatoon the anime

ps heroes never die

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