The NTK Robot

Well here it is:

now with more ilumination

now with different poses

now in spider tank mode

now with a correct ilumination

Flavor text:
This are mysterious robots that have the ability to steal someone´s power and handle it better than the original user ( except if it is a veteran) with their guns, also they can turn into their spider tank mode to destroy big estructures,no one knows for who are they working for or what is their objetive.Someone said that the identity of their creator have something to do with their symbol in their chest,

Author text:
I was trying to make a robot soldier, unfortunately I am not so good making titan mocs so I decided to make it small. I tried to do the torso as unique as I could because the rest of the moc is simple If you have any sugerences or an idea of how to give it more neck articulation please post it , if you like this moc put like with the boton below and if you hate it press the flag boton below,:stuck_out_tongue:


The head is small, everything else is good, maybe more teal.

I can’t see clearly.

Much better.

This moc has a relatively thin torso, the head doesn’t work-

I like it, the torso build looks great, and I quite like how you’ve left exposed bone pieces in the legs. I do have to agree on the head though, it looks unfinished. You should try something like changing the neck to a ball joint and adding a size 3 or 4 armour shell with a barraki eye on the underside. Like Dr scorpionx’s moc Gigadon. Good job👍

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Well after seeing that all the comments say that I should make a better head, I made it

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The head looks much better! :+1:

That torso is just fantastic