The number 4

In this episode these drawings caught my attention.

This drawing in particular caught my attention.

It says,"Mata Nui" written in Matoran pointing to the big circle.

It is surrounded by 2 other circles that orbit it.

It looks like they thought that they had two moons.

The smaller one and an even bigger one.

The smaller one being Bota Magna and the larger one being Bara Magna!

You might say,"Oh it's just the moon and sun. They didn't think that far ahead."

Well the sun isn't bigger than the moon and yet the bigger circle is the farthest one.

You might be thinking," Ya, but they don't orbit Aqua Magna."

Of course not, but remember this is primitive astrology. Our ancestors once believed that Venus, Mars, Mercury and even Pluto orbited around us before they realized that we were orbited the sun.

Also to note:
There is another orbit line in between Bota Magna and Bara Magna.

The circle must be so small that it's just a known fact that this travels in between these two for some reason or it's just what she observed.

I propose that the Red star was so close that it appeared like a star and it would travel in between all three of these planets making sure to check on Mata Nui and send signals perhaps a malfunction or something.

We know that the drawing to the right is Mata Nui, but what does that one to the left mean?

Perhaps it's what Kopaka saw?


Woah. this is an amazing find. great job.


But wait, there's more! Check this out!

I'm a prospector for the Mining Guild,” he says. “We're trying to figure out how to get through this rock layer and mine more protodermis and stone.”

It's the same indestructable layer!




Mind= nuclear explosion.


THAT.... Is an amazing map. My hat goes off to you/however made this.


I knew about this for a while. And also, the whole "Bara Magna" event was not thought of until 2007, as confirmed by Greg Farshtey. However, there is a chance they already thought about and did not tell him...


Don't they make story bibles before they start working on the main stuff?

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Your thinking of a Story Bible.

And while the Bara Magna stuff supposedly wasn't in it, all the Mata Nui Robot stuff was.

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We only know what they've told us.
Isn't a story bible just the main concept or explanation for everything?

I mean, if they already knew that Mata Nui was a giant robot, don't you think they would at least explain who he is with the team?

They had to know that if they got that far, it'd have to be cool. So, their story bible could go for miles.

Or maybe I'm wrong, who knows?
I mean their is no way to prove it to us without them showing us the story bible.

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According to Greg in the TTV interview, the Bionicle Story Bible was something of a Phone Book. Also in that interview he stated that the robot was in that Bible.

What do you mean by, phone book?
I don't understand :/

It means it was a really big, really thick book.

That was... I... how... My mind just made a nova blast... O_O

So are you saying that you think they also made the stories very far into plot?

I dunno. All I know is that it had to have layed out the ground work, how the universe works. Like, all the characters from 01-04 at least, and the Robot, and how the Islands and Domes worked, and maybe the names of some of them.

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there are three circles on that Ga-Matoran's drawing

half-life 3 confirmed


but seriously this is an awesome find dude


If BIONICLE is confirmed for 2015, HL3 should be as well.


Speaking of HL3, I think we all need to agree on something as TTV fans.

If HL3 Comes out before Bio-Craft, we all have to unsubscribe at once.

We can all sub back later, we just have to be unsubscribed for a solid 24 hours.


I'm game. Let's do it.