The Official Bionicle 2015 Celebration Topic!

So today we got a ton of new info, and while there’s a place to discuss this stuff, there’s no real place to celebrate it. What this topic is for is to put your Bionicle 2015 art, stories, favorite things so far,what set you’re most looking forward to, etc.
I’d like to begin the festivities with this picture I made

It’s titled “The Legend Reborn”


Intentional reference…? O-o

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If someone could notify me all the people who made these pictures, that’d be great because I would love to give them credit.

Here is all the hype that I have gathered from this whole thing!

1. Here is some awesome fan art I found of the new Toa! (Credit to also known as Vezok’s Friend in the BIONICLE Fandom.)

2. Who doesn’t love a good meme! Well if you don’t, then don’t scroll down. (Credit needed)

3. Pohatu was, is and will always be, my Favorite Toa. And, I really love what they did with him. :slight_smile:

Created by the guy who posted it. :stuck_out_tongue:


4. alright, admit it, you really didn’t like what they did with the Hau, huh?

Well, I made this picture for fun (it was also a dare…)

But, I can look back now and say that I am ok with what they did with the Hau. :stuck_out_tongue:

5. This is nice. The similarities are great! (Thanks @NuparuTheArchivist for aranging this.)

6. Beware of the Hype Train! Because, once I entered, I could not escape! (credit needed)

6.2 (<----A typo I am not fixing!)
Man, @LoganDub did a great job with this interpretation of Gali.

I love the slippers, I love the mask, I love the Trident…

There is just too much love O.O

7. Obama Approved! (credit needed)

8. Are you kidding!!!
This was literally the scariest week of the Bionicle hype.

This is where Bionicle was revealed.

But, at the time everyone was freaking out.

No one really knew if it was gonna be Bionicle or not.

And then someone found out, “Oh, look! It is titled Bionicle!”

poor Lego and their leaks

9. Hooray! The Bionicle sets have finally been revealed!

10. if this is the next Summer set, I will sell my leg. (Jk.)

11. What Faber had to say was very inspiring.

12. Cont.

13. Shadows of the past catching rays of the future on Turaga Beach…

14. This is such a great mask. I would totally buy. (credit needed)

15. The collection is finally complete! (credit needed)

16. Is this what you could call, the ultimate mask of power? (credit needed)

17. Wonderful video created by @pikminjake

18. Another great video made by ArchosMarkos

19. You guys know me, I am totally hard continuation :smiley: (credit needed)

20. A summary of all that is happened throughout this Hype Train by Meso.

21. Cont.

22. Ah… The Hype Plane. I know Varderan got aboard one.

23. Thanks to all who participated in Unity, Duty, Destiny week!

And thanks to @Nyran and (other people I can’t remember) for making this wonderful pic of an interpretation of all the members who participated that week.

24. In ArchosMarkos video, he declared that the mask of life look like a potato.

All I got from that, was that @pot8o is now officially Canon.

25. I didn’t brace myself, so I was blown away. (credit needed)

26. Thank you again @Ngra… I mean @Nyran, for making this interpretation of me. :smiley:

27. Admit it, you screamed too.

28. Poor aqua man… :frowning: (created by @Risebell )

29. like I said earlier, poor Lego… (Credit needed)

30. King Vultraz confirmed 2015! (credit needed)

31. My MOC’s of the cast of TTV! Thanks for showcasing them! :smiley:

32. The best custom Avohkii’s i’ve ever seen! (credit to @Crunchy )

33. The manliest type train ever! (credit needed)

34. Oh noez! The rise of the Illumakuta!!!

35. No!!!

36. Thanks @LelouchViBritannia

37. I shall protect myself from the evils of the Illumakuta! I am Toa Alumnae! Wearer of the Kanohi Alumni, Great mask of aluminum foil!

Hurry, receive yours and be saved today!

38. I hope Levahk got chosen! (In retrospect, a dead Av-Matoran, reborn as a Bohrok, mutated by the Bahrag Queens is asking a Vortixx to go out with it… O.o)

(credit needed)

39. @Axonn126 inception.

40. This is and always will be, my avatar. (Made by me)

41. Wake up everyone! (credit needed)

42. So, I was at Walmart the other day…

No, literally, I was at Walmart the other day and I made this. :smiley:

43. Collecters are gonna be like jelly!

I wish I could post more, but I think this post is long enough. :slight_smile:

Feel free to edit this if need be. Also, note, it takes me a while to edit this because I’m using the mobile.

I hope to give everybody credit where credit is due and to those who do not wish for their pictures to be here, please notify me.

It has it been a great time being here with all you people. I am so glad that BIONICLE is back, and I am excited to enter into this new land, Okoto, with all of you.

#Unity! #Duty! #Destiny!


Why can I not like this post more?


Okay everybody, I am pretty much finished with it, but I still need to give credit to those who need it.

Thanks everyone! :smiley:


That was the longest post I’ve seen on the board.

Anywho, that was a great collection of moments, and it’s really nice to see that I’ve made some noticeable posts here :joy: I’ve made some great memories here on the board already, and I hope to have more fun here in the future!


Here is a link to the longest topic on the boards!

(I have no idea what it is still, due to the fact that I still haven’t gotten to reading it… Sorry, @Nyran :confused: )

Edit: Alright, I have read 1/4 or 1/3 of the topic and I am having a hard time understanding it. I’ll get around to it later … :stuck_out_tongue:

Double edit: Alright, now I actually did it. It’s great! I highly recommend anyone to try out this test. :slight_smile:


Oh, yeah! I saw that! I guess I should say the “longest topic I’ve read in full”, then.

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The first image is by also known as Vezok’s Friend in the BIONICLE Fandom. Ultimate Mask of Power originated from DA as well. Obama pic was from tumblr, don’t remember the orig. blog however.

Oh and I made the custom avohkiis

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To be honest I am looking for names.

But, thank you for the other names. :smiley:

im canon
I wish I could give this more likes


I unliked this post so I could like it again.

Also, I was the creator of the Jeterangs picture, just thought I should point that out. :smiley:


I made the one with my name on it! I can’t believe i’m featured in this! :slight_smile:


Sure, I will allow this to be official. Go on and change it. :smile:


Who says we can only celebrate the fact of the theme returning?

I want to celebrate the new book! It’s totally awesome!


Yeah! Ghosts aren’t even confirmed, but I’ll celebrate them.