The Official Convention Topic

So we have topics for specific Lego Conventions, and a topic for Lego Conventions in general, but apparently no General Convention topic (unless 2 AM is just very blind).

So here ye go, a place to talk about all your general convention needs.

To start, I’m going to be heading to PAX East this year for the first time. Anyone else going? (other than you, yes you know who you are)


######well I’ll be going to Mass in september but that’s not a convention, unless you count me, you and Oc as a convention of friends

I’ll be going to Hawaii comic con again this year, was fun the first time


I went to RTX Au, like, a month ago.
That was fun…


“will Eljay be there?”

“Yes, he will be wearing his cardboard mask.”


I’ll also be going to Brickfair NE, so if anyone else is going it would be awesome to meet you guys.


Well, I’m definitely going to Anime North this year (I purchased the ticket already :stuck_out_tongue:), which is an Anime convention in Toronto. So, if any of you Toronto fellows out there that like anime want to meet up, le’s do it.

I’m also going to try and be at Brickfête this year, which is a Lego convention, that @legomaster1378 usually talks about. If I can, maybe him and I can meet up :smiley:.


I might be going to BrickUniverse Raleigh this year.

I also hope to go to NC Comicon but I know pretty well that won’t happen.

I’m going to Brickfair VA this year, hopefully gonna meet TTV podcast and board members.

We have this thing called Halcon in NS. It’s pretty fun, went last year and might go again this year.

I once went to a comic and merchandise convention with my friend once. There was a lot of really well made prints, action figure custom recolors, custom posters, and a lot of really nice vendors.

That’d be really neat. Do you know if you’d be coming for the full AFOL event or just a day?

I might be attending the Ottawa Geek Market in April. And I maybe, maybe might try making it to an Ottawa Comiccon this year.

I really wish I could meet up with everybody at BFVA this year. It sounds like it’ll be a blast. Sometimes being Canadian sucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not sure, probably one day. But, I guess it depends on how easy it is for me to get to the event, plus the price.

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One of these days, I’ll go to MegaCon in Orlando. Maybe I’ll be able to meet Stan Lee.

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Aight. There is the possibility of bunking in the venue’s hotel for the night. Also, I believe early-bird full convention tickets are around 50$.

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Went to London MCM comi-con in may and October last year and it was fantastic. Would go in may but GCSEs. Advice for anybody going in may: go on Sunday, not even nearly as busy as on Saturday.

I went to a Lego convention called Bricks Cascade a couple years back, and that is the only convention I have ever been to. I managed to get the Space Police Undercover Cruiser from 2010 for its original msrp (aka $30)

I hoping to be a vendor at Salt Lake Comic Con either this or next year.

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Anyone going to London Comic Con

I live in denver so i might go this year

Cool, i going with the college as a trip