The Official Homestar Runner Topic

Homestar Runner is probably one of the most popular flash cartoon on the Internet. and surprisingly no one made a topic about it here, but finally I made topic for it, so let’s talk about this amazing cartoon series!


shoutout to poker night at the inventory


i remember that

only watched it a few times tho

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If LEGO made HR sets, would you want models or play sets?

I would say Models, it would be really cool to see Models of Homestar and Strong Bad!

yeah, that is a really good game that I really need to play more of.

well you should watched some more when you get a chance, you can Easley watch it form YouTube or the website that is still up.

Buy all of our playsets and toyyyyyyyys!

I don’t think models - if by that you mean constraction or the like - would translate well. The characters are intentionally simple in design.


yeah, you probably right

Also, Nice Cheat Commandos Reference

I can’t believe that there is a homestar runner topic! This is great!

“I think she’s lookin’ pretty good dere strong baid!”

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