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I'm a huge fan of Indiana Jones, and the first three movies had an affect on me that lasts to this day. The fourth one... Um, let's forget about that one for a second. In my personal opinion, The Last Crusade was the strongest film for me, showing a quite relate-able father-son relationship.

Anyways, this article was made to discuss the fedora-wearing, wip-crackin' adventurer!

Also, some people think Chris Pratt would make a good Indiana Jones. I think he could. He has the personality, and just look at this picture someone photoshopped!

I dunno. I just think he could pull it off.


We have our own Indy, @Indigogeek1
He's pretty legit.


Don't you like Henry Jones Jr.?

Yeah. He's more legit. Best line in the entire franchise:

"He chose...... poorly."

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There was a Fourth One?

That's just silly. Last Crusade was a solid finish to the series, and a fourth one would be stupid.

Next you'll be telling me that they got Shia Labouf to star in it to cash in on his success in Transformers.

Stop talking crazy


My favorite moment: Kills a bunch of Nazis "Don't call me junior."


Ahh Indiana Jones, why did they have to add Mutt? Movie number 4...

Other whys known as Indiana Jones and TheUnspeakableNumberFour.

As I like to call it...

Yeah, number 4 had some potential, but it turned out kinda nasty. I would have liked it decently, until they added "Inter-Dimensional species" or whatever.

Truly the original three where the best, and my favorite has to be The Last Crusade, as mentioned earlier. I love Indiana Jones and his dad trying to get along after not being together for years, and how the characters felt so realistic, the action was spectacular, and the movie had plenty of comedy but also serious parts. This film overall is my favorite installment.

But Kingdom of the Crystal Skull truly was a mess-up. Should of had the crystal skulls be something else besides aliens, like an advanced type of human or something, or maybe some type of energy source the aztecs used for building their pyramids or something. Oh well. I hope they can make another good film to fix Indy's reputation. Hopefully Chris Pratt can get the role of Indy or something.


Well I liked it.

Personally if they make a new Indiana Jones, I'd want it to be a reboot, with maybe a reference to the old movies here and there.

As for my favorite I'd say Last Crusade. @Chronicler, you have chosen... wisely.

I also agree, Chris Pratt would be a good Indy.

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Well, I'm glad at least someone enjoyed it.

Why have I been summoned?

I dunno. just felt like it.

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My favorite movie in the series is Last Crusade, mainly 'cause of Henry Jones Sr. (who is my favorite character).

For some reason I could never watch these movies without thinking of Han Solo.....


I liked Crystal Skull. Sure it was campy. Sure the plot was "meh". I still enjoyed it. It also gave us these:

Man, that theme brings back so many LEGO Indy memories.

Sidenote: I've never seen Temple Of Doom...


It started good, but the ending is what killed it. I do have to agree that Last Crusade was a fine ending for the series though.

I didn't see any of these movies until a few years ago, so they didn't have as big an impact on me as they do on most people, who see them when they're younger. Plus, Temple of Doom was the first one I saw, and I didn't like it at all after they jumped out of the plane. However, when I got around to the others, I did like them. Last Crusade was definitely the best, and while I wasn't totally crazy about it, I can see why Raiders is a classic. Ok, now I commit heresy: I had the most fun watching Crystal Skull. Looking back on it, it definitely has a lot more flaws than the others, but I still think it was surprisingly good for a twenty-year-late sequel to an already finished series.

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You're right when you say it was finished. The Last Crusade was intended to be the last film. In an interview, Spielberg said the reason they ride off into the sunset in the third film was because he wanted to show it was the last film.

Raiders was pretty fun to watch, but not nearly as entertaining as The Last Crusade. And you're not committing heresy when you say you enjoyed it. I happen to enjoy the film, too, but the whole "inter-dimensional being" thing was a bit too much for me.