The Official On Air Production Diary

Hello Gathered Friends! This topic will document our journey through ‘On Air’ as we comb through all the hard labor of getting the show complete and on our channel for viewing.

For those of you who don’t know what ‘On Air’ is- Don’t worry, you will know very soon :wink:

But for now, enjoy some simple behind the scenes.

Working on backgrounds (our studio to be exact)

A look at some of the sprite work we’ve done for the show. We’ve made a TON of sprites, it’s been a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun.


…Is there an Omega Tahu sprite yet?


could you release the sprite sheets? it looks like you have some ones I don’t have.

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Nope. We custom made every single sprite here for the show, pixel by pixel. So we’re keeping it exclusive to our productions.
There are other alternatives though that I’m sure you can find on the internet.

Yes : p


oh well, thanks for responding so quickly. And good job, they look great! Just one question though. I see a lot of sprites of official characters. Will canon Bionicle characters be popping up in the show?


Thanks XP

Yes… in a way. There’s a lot of world building in this show that will be made a lot clearer once we make an official release. But we do have plans to use the sprites in some capacity.


sounds great. I am looking forward to this a lot!

Is there a QQQQ sprite yet?

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this looks amazing! Cant wait for the final result!

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Mother of God.

Those sprites…That desk…

I envy the spiriting skills you have.

The hype train has started, it will never stop.

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Finishing up the final product…


When is this going up?

May I ask what program(s) you use to make these masterfully crafted sprites?


Funny story, the basis for a majority of the sprites were created using simply MS Paint, which comes pre-installed on every version of windows.

We have since upgraded to Photoshop CC and sprite production has been made a breeze. CC introduces a lot of new features that make pixel art very easy to do, such as visible guidelines and pixel grids, and layering also helps us add armor or masks over our base sprites without any fear of messing something up. With that said, we still draw out each sprite pixel by pixel by hand, so it’s a very time consuming process.

For the actual video side of things we use Flash CS5 and Flash CC, as well as Audacity and a powerful audio program called Reaper.


Many thanks to you, kind sir.

i helped :frowning:


Don’t worry Venom, we all still love you.



Is there a sprite for Tuma and for Eljay’s megazord?


Not yet, but I made this a long time ago that you can have.


Sweet! Thanks!